MADEWELL + shopbop = : )

Well it's about time! Madewell has teamed together with shopbop.com and a handful of their fabulous jeans, shoes, clothing, and accessories are now available online! Let all the people outside New York and L.A. rejoice!

typos make me SMILE

Growing up, I was the child that would scour my textbooks and leisure reading for typos. Once I found a typo, I felt some sort of victory that my little eyes were able to spot something that went undetected under the eyes of an adult proofreader. (I also lived under the assumption that if I were to submit the typos to the publisher, I would make millions of dollars... somehow.) I continue this act even today. (So far I have found two typos in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.) Here are some typos from my week, and a bonus junk mail heading to make you smile.

From the chopsticks wrapper at an American restaurant hubby and I visited for a date: Welcome to Chinese Restaurant. please try your Nice Chinese Food With Chopsticks the traditional and typical of chinese glorious history, And cultual

Checking my board shorts for laundry instructions, I found this: DO NOT TUMPLE DRY
Don't worry. I won't.

My husband is a youth pastor. "Witty" Christian junk mail is an unrelenting part of our lives. This one escaped the immediate trash dump just because I had to show hubby- and take this photo.

Thank you typos and junk mail, you make my days just a little bit lighter.



photo by me, last night

I'm on a mini vacation with my family right now. We're at a lake house with my parents, lil' prego sis and her husband, cousins and their little ones running around, and my uncle and aunt. So far I have done a whole lot of sitting on the back porch and reading (Harry Potter... I know, so unoriginal) and a little bit of riding on the boat and swimming. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to more sitting and reading and more eating (is vacation food not the best?). If only the mini vacation was a mega vacation... Must enjoy it while I can. Hugs!

TAPE perfection

Colored Paper Masking Tape Stripe Set Lot of 3


Amy Rice's art is beautiful, but I am most taken with these turquoise frames and the turquoise background they are on. I love the variety of frames united with a common color. And of course we all know I love turquoise. Time to whip out a can of spray paint and give new life to those mismatched frames you haven't found a home for but can't bring yourself to throw out.


PALLETS of opportunity

My father has pallets galore just laying around work and his home shop. I am not nearly as creative with available materials as these two ladies, but I am definitely going to benefit from their repurposed projects. If you have pallets available, you can too!

I think my DIY To-Do List is a few miles long so far...

BEDTIME sentiments

-Jason Loucas as introduced by Design is Mine-

This photo is making its way straight into my inspiration file. I have always loved inspiring, warm words over a bed, but I am loving the idea of those words being the same color as the wall even more. It's as if they were embossed onto the wall. Something like this is definitely going to make an appearance in my bedroom overhaul.

P.S. Don't think I didn't notice the gorgeous bed and bedding... and those mirrors. It's all perfectly yummy!



available in hideyo's Etsy shop

With paper and books, the creative opportunities are endless. I am definitely considering a DIY version of that book planter. The only problem? Keeping plants alive once planted inside. I was born with a black thumb... you know there's a problem when you can't keep cacti, bonzai trees, or bamboo shoots alive...


Welcome to Moomah, a creative arts cafe in Manhattan...


Is it okay that I want to live in this cafe? Couch to sleep on- check! Amazing decor- check! Food to survive on- check! Now to find a corner I can hide in while they are closing up for the night. I can't have them finding out their beautiful cafe is my beautiful home...



Life is full of simple pleasures- the little things that make us smile and remind us that life is good. Here are some of my favorites from this week:

- going fast over a bump in the road that makes my stomach jump --- clean room + clean sheets + clean me --- watching my cat dip his paw into water and then lick the water off... and repeat --- freshly painted toenails --- hanging new art --- being outside in the beautiful soft light of dusk --- finding a perfect new-to-me Pandora station (Andrew Bird) --- rediscovering my love of tamale sauce-soaked burritos --- an uninterrupted night of sleep-

My weekend plans are fourfold:
1.) Spend time with my best friend visiting from SoCal.
2.) Give hubby a big 'ol hug and kiss when he returns from youth camp.
3.) Hug my sister when she arrives on Sunday and then kidnap her so she can't leave me again.
4.) Make Babycakes NYC cupcakes.

I hope your weekend is full of simple pleasures!

mail call: PB TEEN MAG

I'm not a teen, but I could sure find room in my house for this PB Teen dress form, or any dress form, come to think of it.


welcome to PALACE ROAD

Welcome to my dream home. Please take off your shoes and don a pair of the slippers provided for your comfort. I can't have the white floors soiled, you know. Feel free to take photographs while you are here. I know you will want to remember my place for a very long time. Oh, and if you are hungry, have a grape or two off the table.

Um... yeah... perfection. I'd add some color- okay, a lot of color- but the house itself is exactly how I see my "when I write my best-seller and make millions" house to be. *sigh*

NYC in a bag

I think every NYC lover needs their own New York City in a Bag. I know I do.


dreaming of an OFFICE

... so that I can fill it with all sorts of fun, quirky, and pretty deskthings. And so I have a creative space to write and craft... of course.

LOVELY package exchange

Danni of the beautiful oh, hello friend is hosting a summer package exchange:

The lovely package exchange is a swap of lovely things with an emphasis on ... packaging! It is for anyone who appreciates a good package: both receiving and sending them.

I know you love a pretty package and I know I love a pretty package. Go check out all of the details and sign up for this fun exchange. You have until Monday the 27th to sign up. I am already signed up and can't wait to get my partner details. One of my favorite things to do for holidays and birthdays is search high and low for a gift that is perfect for the recipient. My brain is already working thinking of fun things to include and to decorate my package with. Go sign up, so your brain can start working too!



red cross pillow with hemp and kapok

One of my absolute favorite Etsy shops, enhabiten, is giving away a pillow over at Scoutie Girl. You have until this Sunday the 26th to sign up. Head on over!

And you must check out Liane's Quit Your Day Job interview at The Storque. She is delightful. Definitely the type of person I'd want to have a cup of tea with.

smitten with SPIRO CREATIONS

If you are trying to keep your credit card out of the sun this summer, you are going to want to take those cards and hide them before I reveal this post to you. Go ahead. I'll give you a moment....

Okay. I present to you, Spiro Creations. The husband and wife team from Winnipeg craft gorgeous handmade shoes out of vibrant cow and deer leathers. Each pair is customized to your own feet after you send in a tracing and the measurements of your foot. Does that not sound amazing? I can't even begin to imagine how comfortable it must be having a shoe formed specifically for you. And these shoes aren't just comfortable, they are also ridiculously chic. I can turn down comfortable shoes that aren't cute and cute shoes that aren't comfortable, but shoes that are both? Uh-oh... Time to start my list for Santa.

Tinkerbell Ballet Flats
Scrunch BootsLace up Ballet Moccasins

Now aren't you glad I made you hide those cards first? To those of you whose credit cards are nice and healthy and allowed to come out and play: go ahead and visit Spiro Creations, you lucky dogs, you.



Sunday afternoon mom and I headed to the Renegade Craft Fair. It was in a beautiful location next to the San Francisco Marina. It took us a few minutes to find the actual Craft Fair because we walked into the opposite side of the Fort Mason Center, but eventually we saw the sign and all of the super stylish people entering and exiting. I was so excited to be there. My mom said I was acting like a kid in a candy shop. I can't believe how insanely creative everyone was with their booths and merchandise. Everything I had previously looked at online was 100 times more amazing in person. Next year I will have to save up $500 so that I can come away with maybe half of what I want. It was so great being able to meet and chat with all of the talented artists and crafters. Everyone was incredibly sweet- such a fabulous community of unique and caring people.

It couldn't have been a more beautiful San Francisco day. We parked a number of blocks away, but enjoyed admiring the gorgeous homes on our sunny walk to the Fort Mason Center.

I came away with loads of business cards, an Etsy pin and chapstick, an "I Love You Because" print from Seattle Show Poster, and the tugboat and print below. Next year I hope to return home with one of Mat Daly's prints as well.

I fell in love with this little KG & AB porcelain tugboat. When I took it out of my bag to look at it later, I noticed it's little smiling face for the first time and now I love it even more.

My very own print from The Mincing Mockingbird. I adore this little bird and the beautiful colors. I definitely could have walked away with many more. Mincy and his fiance' Kim were so sweet and it was great to meet them. I also enjoyed meeting Danni of oh, hello friend (such a sweetheart), Brandy of Beestorms, and many others. It was such a wonderful day. I wish Renegade Craft Fair was every weekend. Or how about someone opening a Renegade Craft Mall? Yes, please! I can't wait until next year!

'twas a KOOKY weekend

The man she loves  (8x8 Unframed Original Fine Art Photograph)
available in Yvette Inufio's shop

Whew! Well, that was a full and kooky weekend.

- Acupuncture.
- Grandma fell at my parents' house and broke her ankle.
- Allergy elimination appointment.
- Shopping with friends.

- Grandma had surgery to put pins in her ankle. (Ouch!)
- Baby shower. (This is where the sunburn enters my weekend.)
- Shopping with mom-in-law and sister-in-law.
- Veggie burrito with hubs and in-laws.

- THE SAN FRAN RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR! -- Overview to come.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I sure did, but my poor grandma did not. : (


sf renegade craft fair: MY LAST ATTEMPT

Surely I have given you a big enough taste of the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair in the last few days. I am confident that if you live in the Bay Area, I will see you there unless you have a good excuse. I don't have to start calling you out by name, do I? Kristen? Alison? Just kidding. I love you guys. Here is my very last attempt and then it is up to you what you will do this weekend...

chang(ed) - lovely vintage hair pin set, lll.
Danni sells adorable jewelry, hair pins, and lots of other sweet things. Her blog is absolute eye candy. The poor dear is sick with a sinus infection right now, so I hope she can still make it. Send her some love.

Like Lace Necklace, Maple
Gorgeous laser cut wood jewelry, adorable pillows and bags. There is something for everyone. Check them out.

Image of Love, 0301
I love a card that can make me laugh out loud. Tom Foolery is full of them. If you can't read it, the note on the bottom of the card above is "Which just means I'm standing up, if you really think about it." Yeah. I just laughed out loud.

Silver 50s Spinner Heart
I love the charm of Rag Trader's jewelry made with antique molds and vintage findings. I absolutely love this spinner necklace. I'd have no use for it though, because I know it's "yes". :)

Trio of Tiny Bottles
Her pottery is just gorgeous. I love the colors and simple, elegant shapes. These mini bottles are my favorite. I'll take 5, please.

the patriarch - altered portrait
Filled with art, notecards, banners, light boxes, and all sorts of little treats, Treat Zone is inspired by the every day overlooked things and uses vintage and repurposed materials to create their goodies.

Okay. PLEASE tell me you are convinced now. I know that did the trick. See you there! And don't forget to check the blog next week for a ("a" meaning "one") post on the actual San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair experience.

And now we will return to our regularly scheduled (entirely sporadic) programming.

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