Life is full of simple pleasures- the little things that make us smile and remind us that life is good. Here are some of my favorites from this week:

- going fast over a bump in the road that makes my stomach jump --- clean room + clean sheets + clean me --- watching my cat dip his paw into water and then lick the water off... and repeat --- freshly painted toenails --- hanging new art --- being outside in the beautiful soft light of dusk --- finding a perfect new-to-me Pandora station (Andrew Bird) --- rediscovering my love of tamale sauce-soaked burritos --- an uninterrupted night of sleep-

My weekend plans are fourfold:
1.) Spend time with my best friend visiting from SoCal.
2.) Give hubby a big 'ol hug and kiss when he returns from youth camp.
3.) Hug my sister when she arrives on Sunday and then kidnap her so she can't leave me again.
4.) Make Babycakes NYC cupcakes.

I hope your weekend is full of simple pleasures!

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knack said...

awesome post.....:)

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