Things have been crazy around here lately, but really, when are they not? I have a 7 month old and a 2.5 year old (...aaaaand as I type this I see the boy has lodged himself under the TV console - don't worry - I saved him). The miracle cold-busting juice turned out to be just plain old juice. What a disappointment. The cold took us all down one by one, but somehow the hubby managed to avoid it. That was lucky for him because he had wrist surgery days after the cold struck. So now we are all well and he has an arm in a cast and is home for a couple of weeks to (excuse me while I pull a shoe out of the boy's mouth) heal and get off cloudy pain meds. We have literally (any Parks and Rec fans?) been in sweats every day for a week- oh, nope! I can think of a day that I wore an actual out-on-the-town outfit all day.... before changing into sweats for my post-kook-bedtime relaxations.

The boy is getting more and more frustrated as all he wants to do is scoot around the living room but is blocked by the kook every minute. Poor guy. He's going to have to learn some defensive moves to use against the big sis. He is saying "dada" all the time and trying to participate in conversations with baby jibber-jabber. I love it. Unless I'm really tired and he's decided 1am is play time and he's jibber-jabbering my ear off.

The kook is getting kookier by the day. Oh my goodness. I don't know where she gets her kookiness from. Except I do. Guilty. Sometimes she'll do things and hubby will turn to me and say something like "well, she's with you all day". Yes, I know. Sorry, child. You are kooky for life. There is no escaping it. Today I was watching So You Think You Can Dance with her and she started doing the most awesome dance moves. Between my affinity for SYTYCD (hello, longest acronym ever) and old musicals, she's going to pick up some interesting techniques. I can't wait to get her into jazz or tap or ballet or all of the above someday in the next few years. Lately she has been into pretending her blocks are ice-cream and fills her ice-cream up at our wall heater which she has decided is the ice-cream machine. I've also caught her talking to her goldfish Dorothy like Elmo and the kids do in Sesame Street. "Hi Dorothy. This is how I play!" Every day she is crazy hilarious, and tries my patience like no one else.

This last week I did my first at-home shellac mani and pedi, rearranged some living room decorations that were feeling stale, and started hand-stitching some hanky and doily curtains for the kitchen. It's always nice to acknowledge that I accomplished some little things that I enjoy in the midst of cleaning up toys and dishes non-stop. With my shellac mani, I can do as many dishes as I want and not worry about polish chipping and peeling off in a day. Yay for things that make mom life easier!

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If you know us in real life, you know about our months of back-to-back colds and flus after Otto was born this last February. Adelaide was sick right after Otto was born and he ended up with RSV at 16 days old. I had to stay in the hospital with my poor sick newborn for 4 days while he was on oxygen fighting that horrible virus. That virus was the end of our sanity for a few months as every flu and cold virus out there circulated its way through our family. Then one day when Otto was probably 4 months old, I stopped what I was doing and realized we were all well. There wasn't a cough or sneeze to be heard in the house. I didn't verbally acknowledge the lack of illness because I knew as soon as I did, we would be jinxed and I'd be kicking myself in my untoned mom butt. It's been a glorious 2 months of being well, but yesterday the sniffles attacked the kook's nose and now I have a sick girl on my hands. I am motivated to keep the rest of us well if possible or at least boost our immune systems so that other colds don't hit us while we're down.

Yesterday I broke out the fruit and veggies and hit up Nana and Papa's garden to make some fresh juice. We aren't daily juicers and really only seem to do it when we are feeling really crappy, but I am hoping to get more into the habit of doing it through this coming flu season. I've found that adding lemon to the green juice really helps lessen the intense green flavor and cucumber adds a nice fresh flavor. Go ahead and try out this recipe or make your own. The amount of each ingredient doesn't really matter. I just used what I had. You can add more lemon if you like the bite or even throw some ginger in if you aren't a ginger wimp like I am. This juice made a little more than a gallon. And yes, I realize it's not really green, but I'm calling it green juice because it has a lot of greens in it. If this juice kicks the kook's cold out of her system in a day and keeps the rest of us well, I will be sure to let you know that it's a miracle juice.


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Hello, old friends! It's been a long time. Long enough for me to have a baby who is 6 months old without posting anything about his birth! Excuse me while I shudder with embarrassment. The truth is that I started Crooked Shmooked to share about my remodel and decorating and introduce you to fun decorating and fashion products, but I am now in a place where the remodel is done and while decorating is a never-ending task, I just don't want to invest the same amount of energy in looking at things I don't have when I have 2 little ones that demand my time and I should be doing and appreciating rather than sitting and envying. I want to start fresh with a blog that is just about my family, parenting, crafting, thrifting, and maybe a bit of fashion as I rediscover my style as a mom and have fun dressing the kids- which is one of the most fun things ever, by the way. I also have some DIYs up my sleeve already that I'm looking forward to sharing with you. So I have started Oh My Goose Nest, to share about my home of silly gooses. I would love it if you would join me over there. I will finally introduce you to the sweetest, most beautiful baby boy ever and you won't believe how my kook Adelaide has grown! Thank you for reading Crooked Shmooked and I hope to see you over on Oh My Goose Nest soon!


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