sf renegade craft fair: THE MINCING MOCKINGBIRD

Speaking of The Mincing Mockingbird... who doesn't love these beautiful birds? The colors are so vivid and accurate of the birds I see frequenting my backyard and the ones I wish frequented my backyard. I would love to adopt a few of these little guys. Check out the shop and take a look at the creative names for each piece of art: "Braving danger and darkness to eat, but I wouldn't call myself a foodie." And, as if I haven't reminded you enough, check The Mincing Mockingbird out at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair!

I Will Worry About Remorse In The Bright Light Of Morning - 5 x 7 ART PRINTWill You Please Put Down That US Magazine And Listen To Me - 8 x 10 ART PRINTBraving Danger And Darkness To Eat, But I Wouldn't Call Myself A Foodie - 11 X 17 ART PRINTThe Risk I Took Was Calculated, But Man, Am I Bad At Math - 8 x 10 ART PRINTYou May Think You Can Play Games With My Heart, But I Will Own You At Scrabble - 8 x 10 ART PRINT

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Those names crack me up! I want to buy a bunch of them just for the names. (Well, I like the artwork, too).

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