typos make me SMILE

Growing up, I was the child that would scour my textbooks and leisure reading for typos. Once I found a typo, I felt some sort of victory that my little eyes were able to spot something that went undetected under the eyes of an adult proofreader. (I also lived under the assumption that if I were to submit the typos to the publisher, I would make millions of dollars... somehow.) I continue this act even today. (So far I have found two typos in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.) Here are some typos from my week, and a bonus junk mail heading to make you smile.

From the chopsticks wrapper at an American restaurant hubby and I visited for a date: Welcome to Chinese Restaurant. please try your Nice Chinese Food With Chopsticks the traditional and typical of chinese glorious history, And cultual

Checking my board shorts for laundry instructions, I found this: DO NOT TUMPLE DRY
Don't worry. I won't.

My husband is a youth pastor. "Witty" Christian junk mail is an unrelenting part of our lives. This one escaped the immediate trash dump just because I had to show hubby- and take this photo.

Thank you typos and junk mail, you make my days just a little bit lighter.


Megan said...

I've actually found typos in my Bible. Those ones always surprise me.
In my grammar book in junior high, there were MANY errors and typos. My English teacher would write them down every year and send them to the company.

jasonmarkjones said...

these are awesome! there needs to be a blog just for such finds.

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