WONDERFUL wee wonderfuls

I just love handmade softies but unfortunately I don't have a job to sustain my desire to fill little A's room with a never-ending supply of itty bitty friends. While I was at the fabric store this week, I found the book Wee Wonderfuls and instantly fell in love with all the doll and animal softie projects found inside. I thought, "I can do that!... Probably... Maybe... I think I can! I think I can!" And now that book is sitting patiently by my comfy cozy chair, waiting for the day when I get rid of my sewing-fright and decide it's time to make some Easter gifts for the girly. Luckily it is a beautiful and perfectly styled hardcover book so even if it ends up sitting in my living room for a year without being used, it will look lovely doing so.... Let's hope I didn't just jinx myself there. ;)

Hillary Lang is the brilliant mind behind Wee Wonderfuls. Check out her blog, and if you do have a job simply to sustain your softie obsession, check out these etsy softie shops: tiddlywinks --- Stitchface --- Contemori --- Koo & Poppet --- Sleepy King --- tiny warbler



(The goblet and tallest vase were found yesterday. The other 3 beauties were found a couple weeks ago.)
(I am always in the market for more round and oval frames.)

(Little A's new softie baby and baby bed. I imagine someone's sweet grandma sewed this. I love that it can be thrown in the washer if needed. It was washed minutes after it arrived home.)

(A kooky It's A Small World Avon perfume bottle.)

(Little A's "new" vintage carousel sweater. So sweet.)

The thrifty queen asked that I post pics of my thrifted treasures from yesterday. Here you go, sister dear. And here you go, reader dears.

DAFFODILS a'plenty

The husband brought me 10 daffodils on Friday. I put them all over the house and loved the cheer they brought to each room. They are now starting to die which is sad. Maybe if I wasn't a plant murderer, I could have happy living potted plants all over the house all the time! But alas, my thumb is not green. It is a thumb of death.


THRIFTING treasures

Happy Monday, friends! It's happy for me because of these silly things.

(I love this cross-stitched prayer for the nursery wall. The animals and their babies are precious.)

(I love these little cubby homes. I plan to paint them and back them with fun paper.)

(This paint by number grabbed my attention but I almost left without it. Hubby loves it too so I'm glad it found it's way home with me.)

(I found the middle Pyrex last week and was ecstatic. A little elderly woman behind me said "I have one of those! That's really old!" Ha... So cute.)

(My house is practically a zoo with all my animal decor. I can't help it. I've always loved animals. This cow had to come home with me. No question.)

My last two thrifting expeditions set me up with quite a bit of quirky loot. My sister is queen of all the thrifting royalty and her amazing finds have inspired me to search through our thrift stores more regularly. The little crooked house is thanking me for bringing it some things to pretty i up. Hopefully a house tour is in the not to distant future, and I may finally share the completed nursery with you next week. One project left to finish.

My sister-in-law and I are going out thrifting tomorrow and I hope to have a few more fun things to share afterwards. Fingers crossed!


smitten with PLAID

plaid bunting

plaid pillow

plaid dinnerware

plaid deer

plaid shoes

Plaid and I were serendipitiously reunited this winter. My mom and I were hunting for Christmas craft materials in the beginning of December and I passed a rack of plaid and a fresh love for plaid washed over me. I brought a teal plaid over to my mom and told her I had to find some use for it. She laughed at my enthusiasm over plaid. After all, plaid is always around somewhere--- on men's work shirts, school girls' skirts, and your neighbor's Yorkie's little dog shirt. But plaid and I parted ways halfway through high school and I hadn't looked on it with favor again until the beautiful teal plaid showed itself to me in Joann. I have since put a plaid pillow on my couch, pulled my rarely worn plaid shirt out of the closet to spend the day with me, and loved on hubby's new plaid flannel shirts. It's official. I am once again smitten with plaid.

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