holiday cards from MINTED

It seems it was fate that minted.com contacted me to do a review of their new holiday cards collection. They must have known that I was thinking about holiday cards... and how I'm a procrastinator and likely wouldn't get them out on time... and how I'm sick of Costco's options.

I remember hearing of Minted somewhere in the blogosphere and once I checked out their website I was happy to find that their selection of cards are fresh and unique and created by independent designers. Minted.com holds design challenges where any designers/illustrators can submit their cards and then the Minted community chooses the best ones. The card selection ranges from their Christmas cards to baby announcements, wedding invitations and more. I even discovered that my sister-in-law's wedding invitations were from Minted and that my other sister-in-law's dream invitations are from Minted! So when you head on over there, check out cards for all of your upcoming occasions. I know I've been checking out the baby announcements.

As for the holiday cards, there are styles for every taste, but here are some of my personal favorites.

That last one just may be my pick for our holiday cards. I love the square photo shape and the design almost reminds me of a polaroid. Gotta get the mister's stamp of approval first though.

Go ahead and check Minted out to find your own holiday cards. To get 15% off your holiday purchase before 11/28/11 use the code READERS18!


a BOY?!

I am coming out of preggo hibernation to say hi and share our baby news. We are having a boy! What?! What do I do with a boy?? I don't have any brothers or close guy cousins so boy things are a foreign concept to my family, but I'm really excited none-the-less. I'm excited to see hubby with a son. He's already the sweetest dad ever with the little gal. I can't even imagine a mini him running around. Craziness. In less than 2 weeks I'll be in my 3rd trimester and that just sounds insane! February is right around the corner! The little man is kicking like a kook right now. I think that's him saying hi to you all.

The little man's first vintage outfit, from his Auntie Brigitte.

Little man clothes! Ah! And yay for 40% off GAP clearance sales!

Things consuming my brain right now are turning the guest room/office into a joint nursery for the kiddos, turning the gal's teeny room into an office/craft room, and Christmas shopping and crafting! Are you feeling the pressure yet? We're almost halfway done with shopping but I decided I'm going to craft a fair amount of presents this year so that's what my December will look like. How is Christmas prep going for you? Any handmade gifts in the works?

Well I just wanted to share our news. I have a few more posts in my brain that will hopefully make it onto the blog, but with this stunted piece of preggo brain, I make no promises. ;)

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