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Happy Friday! Lord willing we will be back in our crooked little house next month... or at least before Christmas. I am pushing for it to be finished in time for hubby and I to have our last Christmas without a little one in our own home. Rooms are being painted, the bathroom is almost done and everything is looking great! Here's a peak into the bathroom.

The new and improved tub/shower with subway tiles. We are loving it. No more mildew, crumbling shower wall, or pipes poking up under the tub floor.

The new flooring. Yay! The bathroom has also been painted a pale gray that we love. I'll have photos of that in the near future when the toilet and pedestal sink are in.

And some more inspiration:
anyone know of a source?

I collect jadeite and milk glass and this photo has made me realize the bathroom might be the perfect place to stick some of my pieces. I love the pop of the jade against all the white.

We still need to figure out some storage spaces for the bathroom and this is definitely speaking to me. I love the idea of open shelving in a bathroom. It is perfect to display towels, glass jars filled with cotton balls and bath things, and even stick wicker baskets in to hide the ugly necessities like all of my hair products.

It's all starting to come together, friends! I am so, so, so excited that the end of this never-ending remodel is near!



I know I just told you the news, but I'm going to throw you right into the midst of the baby planning with my plans for the nursery so far. As we just found out about this family addition during our remodel, what was going to be our walk-in closet is now going to be a nursery- a teeny, tiny nursery. I was planning to hold off all nursery window shopping until we find out if we will be having a Hubby Jr. or a Heidi Jr., but both hubby and dad said-- you need to pick a paint color now before the flooring goes in. So the planner in me wilted a little bit knowing that I'd just have to pick bedding and then a color and forget about an all pink room if we have a girl. I have bounced back a bit because I actually like the bedding that was chosen, regardless of gender... and the blue wall, yes blue, was chosen to be sky, not because we are thinking this baby is a boy. I wouldn't tempt fate like that. So without further ado, and without making you read anymore jumbled thoughts from this pregnant woman's brain, I will share the plans- so far.

The bedding:

The inspiration:
didn't record sources- let me know if you recognize them

One of the first nursery images I grabbed upon finding out I'm pregnant was the cloud shelf. I love the idea of a sky blue wall with a couple of cloud shelves on it. We may or may not paint a few clouds as in the photo above. The sunrise bedding plus the sky wall has turned the nursery into a sort of sky theme. I don't want to make anything too matchy-matchy and I am not planning to make sure that everything that enters the room is related to the sky, but I think it is a nice backdrop for anything else. 

A couple of accents:I am a Katie Daisy fan as I mentioned in the giveaway post. Katie donated this print and two others to the giveaway and then I saw it in a nursery on ohdeedoh. I really liked the idea but it wasn't until this morning when I was looking at the bedding that I realized it is perfect for my own nursery! Yes, this print will definitely be making an appearance in the room.

I also posted on one of these little rain mobiles recently. I am in love with them, but my budget is limited (yes, so much so that I don't have $20 laying around to buy one), so I am thinking I will either make a mobile inspired by this- maybe one with more clouds to go above the crib- or enlist my crafty sister to make one for my shower gift. 

Those are all of the definite plans I have so far. We haven't even started thinking about furniture yet. The room is big enough for a crib, a dresser, and a rocker. I may be able to squeeze a storage cubby or something in there since there is no closet (as it was supposed to BE a closet), but we'll see. I am happy with the plans so far, and I know the colors lean towards a boy, but if we are having a girl, I have plans to add pops of pink and other girly colors. Oh goodness... who knew that when we started the remodel almost a year ago that we would be adding a nursery when we ended it? Surprise, surprise...


crooked shmooked NEWS


Hi friends! I sort of dropped off the face of the earth there for a couple of weeks! Well, my disappearing act has not quite ended, but I want to update you on my crooked shmooked life. Life keeps throwing hubby and I curve balls and although I don't like to talk about everything going on, I figure this is some news you need to know. Hubby and I will be expecting a little addition to our family on April 17th. I'm still in shock when I think about the reality of it as it wasn't planned, but it's true! I am pregnant and have just started my second trimester which is hard to believe. Due to my health issues from the last year, this pregnancy isn't exactly taking it easy on my body, so I am just focusing on resting and getting the nourishment the baby and I need. I don't know if the pregnancy will start getting better anytime soon or if, as my mom confessed was her experience, I won't feel better until labor. Just know that I am thinking of you all and wishing I could be more present on here, but I'm thinking of this little person growing inside me more. Blessings to all of you!

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