BOYGIRLPARTY musical animals

How cute would these prints by Susie Ghahremani of boygirlparty look above someone's piano or in their music room... Or pretty much anywhere?

So cute that I want to get them for above MY piano!


VS semi-annual SALE

Victoria's Secret is having their semi-annual sale right now which I always love. Time to stock up on underthings, lotions, and gifts for birthdays. I have never bought any actual clothing from them (unless bathing suits count), but always find things I like when looking through their mag and online. Have you ever bought clothing from VS? Is it as fabulous as it looks (not taking into account that none of us are VS models ; )? Because if so- here are a number of things that I am keeping my eyes on. I am loving their feminine and casual-chic pieces.


show and tell: the CHRISTMAS LOOT

Santa (and by Santa, I mean my hubby and family) was good to me this year. I can't wait to be well enough to enjoy these gifts!

Row 1: Miss Monocle by The Brilliant Magpie, Deux Lux Pintuck Satchel from Urban Outfitters, Ash Canvas Toms, Joshua Radin: Simple Times
Row 2: Old Navy V-Neck Pocket Tees, Retro Falling Print by Jelly Beans, Singin' in the Rain DVD, Born Potion Boots
Row 3: Marled Fingerless Gloves from Urban Outfitters, Coldplay: Prospekt's March [EP], A Walking Snowstorm by The Brilliant Magpie, All Wired Up by Mark Lareau
Row 4: Keane: Perfect Symmetry, Authentic Lo Pro Vans, Signature Bootcut Hudson Jeans, What's Behind the Mask by The Brilliant Magpie

I also received an adorable owl ornament, book bag, and some jewelry from Baksheesh, one of my favorite stores ever. Only 3 of them exist, all in the wine country, but if you ever visit Healdsburg or Sonoma, you have to check them out. They are a free trade shop that sells beautiful and inexpensive jewelry, home decor, and musical instruments from Third World countries. Unique, inexpensive, and free trade- win, win, win.

One of my favorite crafted gifts was a creative memories book my sister made for me that goes through my and my hubby's dating, engagement, and then wedding. There were photos in it that I've never even seen before. It means so much because after 2+ years of marriage, we still haven't gotten wedding photos developed (long story about picking the wrong photographer). I love it.

All things considered, it was a very strange but blessed Christmas. And in light of being sick, I realized how little it mattered to me what I got, but that the important thing was the time with my family and love we all share. So even though I love my loot, it was my family that made this Christmas extra-special, and really- that's how it always should be. : )


a POMME CHAN favorite

I was over at Mint for the first time today, and found Ellie's post on 4Wall. Her post led me to Pomme Chan's work which led me to add this print to my mental wishlist:

And so my Christmas list for 2009 begins.


i like TUFTS

This just in. Doo-doo-doo doo doo. (That's supposed to read like the beeping noise they do when there is breaking news.) Urban Outfitters has some amazing new furniture in their online shop. Amazing as in "I could envision each and every piece living a long and happy life in my home." And I am sure I am not the only one.

P.S. I realize that my first post after Christmas should probably be about Christmas and what Santa brought, but being that I am still in bed sick (and spent Christmas morning in the ER), I haven't had a chance to take any photos of the Christmas bounty. I know you understand.


merry CHRISTMAS, at least

the evening view out my parents' front window

I have been a hermit this week. I have been a hermit because I can, being sick for a month loans you certain allowances, and I have been a hermit because my sneaky friends tucked their copy of Twilight in my purse at their Christmas party on Saturday night. I had absolutely no desire to read the book, even with all the hype, but being bundled up in sweats and a warm bedroom left me with the option to watch another made-for-TV Christmas movie or crack open the book that I have purposefully ignored for months now. I started it, I finished it, and I enjoyed it. I tell you this to explain my absence from blogging. Between feeling ill and unable to focus on the computer long enough to post anything interesting, reading Twilight, and having doctor appointments and tests, blogging just hasn't been a real priority. 

I may or may not end up posting anything this week, but I wanted to, at least, wish you a merry Christmas. I hope you all have a blessed holiday and enjoy cherished time with your family and friends! I can't wait to hear how you all celebrated and what Santa brought you! ; )


uh, there's something on your CHRISTMAS COOKIE

This is exactly what would happen if my hubby, his brothers, and my father-in-law made Christmas cookies with my nephew. EXACTLY.


SWISS miss

I was reading Jay McCarroll's etsy wishlist and smiling at his random picks and comments when I saw the wildflower windmill print and fell in love. I don't know if it's the fact that my name is Heidi and with that comes all the "Heidi of the mountains" and "where's grandfather?" swiss jokes, but I am finding that I really enjoy the fresh swiss art and folksy items on Etsy. A wooden clog here and windmill print there and I may just start feeling like Heidi of the Alps! 

Sidenote: Hubby and I took our Jr. High youth group to San Francisco for an outreach to the homeless a couple of years ago. We were serving and working in a soup kitchen one day and I sat down at a table to talk to some of the people there. When I told one of the elderly men what my name was he told me that every time he thinks of the name Heidi, he thinks of the 1968 Jets vs. the Raiders game when they interrupted the game to broadcast the new Heidi movie. He was very disgruntled while telling me the sad tale, but finally cheered up and started sharing his gambling tips with me. Ha ha. Now, every time I think of the movie Heidi, I think of that man and his poor unhappy face.


my PRACTICAL christmas list

I was inspired to create my practical Christmas list by the stylish Anne at the city sage. I was afraid I'd end up with several very impractical things, but I think my list came out very practical, don't you?

T3 Bespoke Labs Evolution Dryer: I have had my dryer since college and I am pretty sure it is frying my hair to pieces. This one would be a hair luxury.
Sarah Pinto 2009 Weekly Planner: I haven't gotten a 2009 weekly planner yet and I love the cover and size of this one.
Lole Utopia Hooded Pullover in Raspberry: I have a shopping sickness that causes me to buy pretty, girly clothes that aren't usually everyday clothes, yet I love to hang out in comfy clothes like sweats. I am definitely due for another sweatshirt and if it can be in a berry color and have a flattering shape, I'm in.
MyChelle Cranberry Mud Mask: MyChelle is my skincare brand of choice, but I don't have everything I would like from the line. I tried a sample of this mud mask and loved it.
Bare Escentuals Be Grand Train Case: My Bare Escentuals make-up need a home and this is it.
Bodum Bora Bora Double Wall Glass Tea Press: I am a tea girl and would love to be able to brew a whole pot of tea instead of individual mugs. I am also a visual person, so watching the tea brew through the glass would be intriguing.
Keds Classic Canvas Champion Seasonal Colors in Loden Green: Somehow I have ended up with several pairs of slip-on tennies and I definitely need some that tie up so they are secure on my feet when I have a lot of walking to do. I love Keds and I love green, so these will do very well.

What's on your practical Christmas list?


I love when I travel to Etsy and find lovelies in the front page treasury. Lovelies I may never have found otherwise. Lovelies like roadside projects, art by Jayme McGowan. Her 3-D characters are found in a myriad of unpredictable and fairytale-like adventures. The following are prints of her work, but how much would you love to own one of her 3-D masterpieces? She also does custom family portraits. Check out her blog to see some of her custom pieces. You may be inspired to order one yourself!

(top L) Flying Umbrellas: So whimsical and Mary Poppins-esque
(top R) Accordion Music: This reminds me of my German grandfather who would get out his accordion at family gatherings every once and a while to play for us... such a sweet memory.
(bottom L) Windy on the Coast: I live 30 minutes from Bodega Bay and this epitomizes every day trip I have taken there- the quaint seaside homes and the cool (or cold, depending on the season) wind constantly in my face, throwing my hair about.
(bottom R) Flight By Kite: When flying kites as a child, didn't you always wish it would whisk you away? And don't you still? : )


smitten with RETRO BEAUTIES

Is there an era that you would rather live in than the present? I'm not sure that I would like to live in the 1920's per se, but I would love to live in the present with 1920's fashion. Lucky for me, that has become so much more of a reality in the last year as retro hats, feather hairbands, and feminine vintage dresses are so much easier to come by. I admire the classy beauty of the 1920's woman with red lips, pink cheeks, and a plethora of gorgeous hats, dresses, and going-out clothes. Etsy is full of these inspiring women and the ones I have included below are just a sampling of the beauties available. Take a look and dream of what the 1920's version of yourself would look like...

the art of Matou en Peluche
the dolls of Du Buh Du Designs
the jewelry of Persephone


take a SPIN

Hubby and I were at Disneyland with his family over Thanksgiving weekend and somehow, we didn't end up going on the carousel which I think is a shame because I always love a good carousel ride. I love to find the prettiest horse or most bizarre animal and ride it dizzy. I saw the necklace below on the front page of etsy a few days ago and it inspired me to include all sorts of carousel-themed-goodness in this post. Here we go!Aboard the Carousel via Jacqleen Bleu

Swing Carousel Block Print Card via Nydam Press

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