LOVELY package exchange

Danni of the beautiful oh, hello friend is hosting a summer package exchange:

The lovely package exchange is a swap of lovely things with an emphasis on ... packaging! It is for anyone who appreciates a good package: both receiving and sending them.

I know you love a pretty package and I know I love a pretty package. Go check out all of the details and sign up for this fun exchange. You have until Monday the 27th to sign up. I am already signed up and can't wait to get my partner details. One of my favorite things to do for holidays and birthdays is search high and low for a gift that is perfect for the recipient. My brain is already working thinking of fun things to include and to decorate my package with. Go sign up, so your brain can start working too!


knack said...

I think this is such a fantastic idea! I wish I could package up furniture all cute and great!

Have fun!!

j.US.t chatter said...

so glad you put this up (in case i hadn't seen on my own) b/c it's a can't miss sorta thing. =)

Erin said...

Do you know what kind of packaging you'll do yet? I'm toying with ideas...like wrapping in pages of an old beat up poetry book or children's book, or maybe scraps of amazing fabric with bakers string...

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