Yes, I have returned for the time being. Our little guy will be arriving on February 21st so I don't for a moment think that this return is permanent, but here I am. We haven't had a reliable computer with a sturdy internet connection for quite some time now, but tonight hubby presented me with my "push present." Have you heard of push presents? They are a present a husband gets a wife for birthing a baby. Mine is technically not a push present because I get to be sliced open rather than doing any pushing, but I don't think I want to call it a slice present. Oh yes, so what did he get me… a MacBook Pro! I was more than a little surprised. And more than slightly surprised. Pretty much totally surprised. Hello, wonderful husband man! I guess it's safe to say he loves me. The feeling is mutual. So here I am, on a fancy new laptop, able to blog again.

It seems like there should be a lot to fill you in on, but I can basically sum it up like this-- I have a 21 month year old running around like a crazy little midget and I am pregnant, so that has taken up about 80-85% of my energy for the last 9 months. I've thrifted here and there and missed sharing my finds with you, but I am sure I will thrift again and have new things to share. Right now I'm in the process of moving the gal out of her teeny nursery and into what will be the shared nursery. Just as it took me a year to decorate her nursery, I don't have plans to have decorations done anytime soon, but just having the furniture in there will be nice. And her little nursery will be turned into a small office/craft room. I realize I'm a little behind in the game being that I have less than 2 weeks until I have a newborn and I am just now swapping the rooms, but that's life!

So to start some catching up, I have to share the lovely maternity photos my dear friend April of April Christine Photography did for me. She also did my last set of maternity photos as well as Adelaide's newborn photos. I love her photography and there's nothing like having a friend be the one who you get to hang out with while she takes the photos. Here we are- a family of 3 soon to be a family of 4!


the PERFECT minted wedding invitations

When Minted contacted me to review Valentine's Day cards, I declined as I still haven't sent out the lovely Christmas cards they supplied me with (hi, I am the queen of late cards), but I recalled my soon-to-be-married sister-in-law's favorite wedding invitations were from Minted and they agreed to help her out.

After looking at wedding invitations on many sites, my SIL couldn't help but keep returning to the Banner and Branches Invitations. They match her wedding colors and theme perfectly and are invitations she'll love looking back on for years to come.

It isn't hard to find unique wedding invitations and save the dates from Minted that you'll love for life. I can look through their collections and find several I would rather have used for my wedding 5+ years ago than the boring ones I did use. But all of my wedding plan regrets are a story for another day. If you have a wedding coming up, check out their selection if you're sick of going through site after site of the same old traditional invites. Between all of the gorgeous fonts, graphics, and designs, you will definitely find something you love.

(FYI- These are my actual opinions about Minted stationary. I will never endorse a product I don't love.)

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