happy MONDAY & WEEKEND recap

acorn by simple moth (taking a break).

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday (or non-holiday) weekend! On the third, Hubby and I joined family friends at their beautiful home in the wine country to enjoy food, drinks, and dessert and watch the local fireworks from their backyard. They are talented caterers so the food is always delicious, and their home is also surrounded by luscious vineyards so it is always lovely to look at. Then Saturday and Sunday I spent my days inside, being rather sluggish. Hubby made Johnnycakes for breakfast both days from the Babycakes NYC Cookbook. They were amazing and I drowned them in agave nectar. Hubby spoils me. (xo)

In other news, I am considering leaving California so I can have a pet hedgehog. Why must California keep me from having all the best pets?


Amy said...

aw - a pet hedgehog would be so cute! Can they be potty trained though?

Hubby said...

You might be able to have one shipped here. Did you ever consider THAT?

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