it's raining SALT

I love these Rainshakers by Sooda Mayer. I think I might get carried away with the fun of raining salt and pepper on my food and end up flooding it though.


THE crib bedding

Have you noticed that I am an indecisive person? If not, I will tell you- I am an indecisive person. The things I planned for our house a year ago are a world apart from my ideas now. Remember the post I did detailing the nursery? Yeah... not happenin' anymore. I think I will just have to tell you what's going on as I do it so I don't fake you out again. So here is the actual nursery plan #1- the bedding. I just ordered this PB Kids Brooke Crib Quilt and Bedskirt (thanks, mom!). I also registered for a yellow gingham bumper at Target and then I am going to mix and match different patterned fitted sheets- dots, stripes, and flowers in all colors. Every crib bedding set I had seen so far and thought I might go with, I liiiiked, but this one that I ordered, I love!

It's so nice to be surrounded by things we love. My mother-in-law told me the verse "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" (James 1:17) reminds her that God gives us perfect gifts and so she doesn't buy anything unless she loves it. It may seem kind of silly, but it sticks with me and whenever I find the perfect thing on sale, I know it's a gift from God. : )

baby's VIEW

If I was a baby, I'd love this view. A pinwheel mobile is such a great idea.


i'm watching you, DOTTIE ANGEL

I discovered a new Etsy shop I will be watching like a hawk, dottie angel. She makes unique home decor, clothing, and such out of vintage scraps, lace, and fabrics. I was going through her sold list and found several things I wish I had been around to purchase. I don't know why I torture myself by looking at the things that have been sold. Oh well. I will watch and wait. And you should take a look too. Her product shots are so beautiful that I want to live in them.



I'm in the market for a glider/recliner. Apparently these are not easy chairs to come by for less than $1000 unless they look like huge, ugly marshmallows. I know, I know- how can a marshmallow be ugly? They are so soft and white and fluffy! If they are tan or brown or hunter green, have rolls on their little marshmallow bodies and form the shape of a chair that looks strangely like your grandparent's favorite easy chair- that is how they can be ugly. I don't know if that made any sense, but it did in my pregnant brain, so it remains. All that to say- all the glider/recliners I want are out of our price range. I could settle for a traditional wooden glider for the upcoming baby days of our life, but if we are going to invest in a glider, why not make it a comfortable and stylish glider/recliner that can live on in our living room for years to come? I'm looking for a Craigslist miracle!


LIAM'S nursery

My friend's son's nursery was featured on Design*Sponge today. Not that I am surprised. I've watched the progress on the baby blog and it's amazing. I've never seen that color paint on a wall or anywhere before, but it's looks just perfect. Jason and Marta have awesome taste. Check the room out in more detail over here.


a REMODEL peek

Here's a sneak peek into the latest remodel progress. The kitchen cabinets are white, the floors are in, and the granite is ready to go in. (And we have a dishwasher for the first time in 3 years!!!) Our bedroom is all painted- I'm so excited about the green wall! The carpet is scheduled to go in the rest of the house next week. Yes, carpet. I've lived in houses with wood flooring and i've in ones with carpeting and I like the comfort of carpeting on bare feet in the living area. And I think our little girl will appreciate the softness when she is crawling and walking and falling the first years of her life. Once the carpeting is in, we go in- as in move back in... oh my gosh. I am SO ready.



Oh dear. I have started looking at baby clothes. There are too many tiny little outfits asking to come home with me! And these Monster Booty Crankpants are just too hilarious and precious...

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a painted, wait before speaking, CROOKED REMODEL UPDATE with a side of sugar

You're going to be getting a lot of updates on the remodel in the next two weeks. The update for today is:

#1. The kitchen and our bedroom are painted and look great. Yay for my painter husband! That means all of the rooms are done being painted!

#2. I should really learn to keep my mouth shut until something actually happens or is finished. The concrete countertops I was so excited about? Not happening. The estimate was $600 and then my dad's friend came around saying he had a bunch of granite slabs left over from his own kitchen remodel. The cost for that? Free or so. My dad showed it to me and it's a nice white/gray/black speckled granite, and in the name of the budget- we are using it. And also, c'mon... whose budget-cutting countertops ever end up as nice granite slabs? We're pretty fortunate there!

#3. Our kitchen floors are being leveled by one of the brothers-in-law right now. The crooked little house is still going to be crooked (in some places it looks like the ceiling was intentionally slanted, but then you look across the room and it's not... ha ha) but at least we won't be walking on slopes.

I hope you are all having a wonderful, productive (or restful), and delicious weekend! I am munching on Babycakes NYC chocolate chip cookies hubby made last night and some fresh Babycakes NYC blueberry scones he made this morning (have I mentioned he's amazing?). And now I will be entering a gluten-free, alternative-sugar coma.

P.S. I have been saving glass jars left and right for months so none of my flours, sugars, or grains will be without a window from their place on a kitchen shelf. I just love homebug's example.


our bedroom is going GREEN


It's about time for our bedroom to be painted and I can't wait to live in it. We are doing white walls with a dark green accent wall behind the bed in Dunn Edwards Bonsai (the color it shows on my monitor is not at all the color on the card- it should be more like the 1st photo above). We bought the West Elm Organic Cotton Pin-tuck Duvet in Sea Grass on sale the day after Christmas and I'm thinking we'll go for some yellow accents (loving these sheets) and whatnot in the room. We also need to find some gorgeous blackout window shades- I sleep best when I can't see a thing. We added a built-in closet to the bedroom, so the bedroom that was previously small is now itty-bitty. I think we'll have room for bedside stands and a chest of drawers. And there is also a DIY upholstered headboard project on our list, but that can wait until we are in the house again.... as can the 100s of other DIY projects I have in mind.

Looking at the gorgeous greens in the photos above excites me. Green is my favorite color- it will be nice to live with it staring me in the face every day!


a CONCRETE dream come true

Dear hubby has painted our kitchen cabinets white and the news is just in that his father is going to make concrete countertops for us! I am so very excited. Concrete countertops and white subway tile backsplash. That was my ideal kitchen in the beginning but I never thought someone would actually do the countertops for us! This is a wonderful surprise.

I know I keep saying it, but the end of this remodel is in sight!

P.S. Can you imagine how amazing the white cabinets and concrete countertops are going to look with our vintage stove? Ah!!

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