half over, but still... HAPPY WEEKEND

yellow, 1 by shining egg.

I realize that it is Saturday night and the weekend is already half over, but I am still going to say.... Happy Weekend! 

So far I have:
- gone to an acupuncture appointment
- avoided flowers, plants, and all living pollen-producing entities
- turned my air purifier on high
- hid out in my room with the air purifier
- worked on jewelry for my soon-to-open Etsy shop... more on that later
- watched Doubt with hubby
- made a banana, strawberry, hemp protein smoothie and wished the hemp protein didn't turn it a very unappetizing brown color

I plan to continue the weekend with:
- a Scrabble game with hubby
- a self-given pedicure
- lots and lots of allergy medicine and fluids

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and that the second half is even better than the first!


knack said...

....can't wait to see your etsy shop!! Let me know so I can post about it on knack....please!! xoxo

sikegami said...

Happy weekend, too! I love your blog and am eager to see your upcoming Etsy shop! Also, why is hemp so tasty but unattractive? Oh well, cheers! We are capping off our weekend by going to the circus tonight!

Heidi Jo said...

Barb- I will definitely let you know! I will be finishing up and photographing the jewelry this week. Yay!

Sarah- Thanks! Yeah... I dunno, unfortunately hemp's natural coloring isn't anything as fun as pink or purple. The circus sounds very fun! I've never been. Have a grand time!

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