sf renegade craft fair: BEESTORMS

You know someone is a true crafter when they work a normal 9-5 job, but can't help coming home to create things. That is exactly what Brandy Storms of beestorms does. She can't help but create via screenprinting, sewing, and wherever her creativity leads her. I am loving her stitched cards and onesies. How cute would a little baby boy look in that tool onesie? Check out her Etsy shop and don't forget to stop by her booth at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair!

let's vege notelittle cloth pouchheart my dog greetingheart tools onesiesHi notepopsicle onesielittle cloth pouch


sophy said...

wow so cute! i love that popsicle onesie!!! i will definitely be checking out her booth at the renegade craft fair!

Anonymous said...

Her stuff is so cute! I can't wait to check out her stuff at the Renegade Fair.

Priscilla said...

I enjoy all the gifts from "beestorms". I love the cards, onesies and just every item that Brandy has designed. So unique! You must see it all at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair and enjoy her creations as much as I do. You will then see why her mom [that's me} is her #1 fan and loves gifts from "beestorms".

Heidi Jo said...

You are all so cute!! It is rare to get anyone's #1 fan (mom) on my blog, so this is a fun day for me. Yes everyone, check out Beestorms at the SF Renegade Craft Fair!! ;)

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