Hi! My name is Heidi Jo. I am married to a silly, sweet, and hard-working man named David and we have two little kooks, Adelaide (2 1/2) and Otto (6 months) that are turning us into lunatic zombies. I started blogging 4 years ago to follow the renovation of our crooked little house and share my fashion and decorating inspiration, but have since felt like it's time to start fresh, focus on my crazy life and family, and be thankful for what we have.

On a normal day, you can find me at home wearing sweats and glasses, changing diapers every 30 minutes, and pulling my toddler off the baby for the 10th time. I do other things sometimes, but I have to shoot the diaper/discipline gaps.

I love the Lord and this crazy, blessed life He has given us, but I am far from perfect. Just wait. You'll see. Our married life has been quite an adventure and through all the ups and downs, I trust that His plan and timing are perfect and that He is working all things together for good (Romans 8:28) and His glory. 

I am quirky, always have been. I grew up with a stuffed orangutan puppet I named Punky Bonzo, had wallpaper from a Heidi Jo's ice-cream shop plastered on my bedroom wall, and wrote "life stories" for my friends in my free time. I love to make people laugh and appreciate a well-timed, clever sense of humor. I love comfy stylish clothes, cuddles, animals, Josh Groban, thrifting, dark chocolate, crafting, vintage and eclectic decor, dairy-free desserts and healthy food, dressing my children more stylish than me, people-watching and restful evenings at home on the couch with my mister.

I hope this blogs inspires you and makes you laugh, and that you feel encouraged when you read about my imperfect, uncensored life. I don't do it all, usually feed the family take-out, and dress cute maybe 2 times a week, but there is joy to be found in time with the kooks, the occasional crafts, a walk in the backyard, 1 date a month, and a great thrifting find and I hope to share those little joys with you.

Excuse my ramblings, I was a Print Media major.

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