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sc000f9972.jpg by Tammy Manet.

Yesterday, Anne at The City Sage introduced me to the "What's Your Style in One Picture Challenge?" for Summer of 2009. It is so hard to get my style all into one photo. I spent hours looking through photos and I still don't think that this photo encompasses everything that is my style, but it is closer than any other photo I have come across.

The things I LOVE:
1.) The soothing color palette with the pops of turquoise and yellow
2.) The wallpaper panels
3.) The upholstered headboard
4.) The whimsical floral chandelier (remember this one?)
5.) The vintage tufted loveseat
6.) The striped curtains
7.) A hodgepodge of patterns throughout the room
8.) The wood floors

Things I would CHANGE:
1.) Replacing the floral art above the night stands with mismatched, bold paintings- maybe some vintage oil paintings without frames or art done on reclaimed wood.
2.) Swapping the round night stands for some chunkier ones with storage- definitely something from Barb at Knack Studios.

3.) Swapping the toned down rug for this round Light Wheel Rug.
4.) Replacing the bedside lamp bases with some white ceramic ones, or maybe vintage milk glass hobnail ones.
5.) Swapping the pillow on the right side of the love seat with the ruffles with a sage green ruffle-free pillow.
6.) Adding at least one animal element to the room- a little bird perched on the chandelier would do it.

What one photo reflects your design style? Head on over to From the Right Bank to the Left Coast to visit Alek and participate in the "What's Your Style in One Picture Challenge?" yourself!

(if you recognize my photo and know the magazine source, please leave a comment, so I can appropriately tag it)


Mise said...

That's a very inviting room, and I like the look of tole chandeliers in bedrooms - I only wish mine had higher ceilings.

Amy said...

Looks like a great place to take a nap! I wouldn't mind waking up and seeing that chandelier first thing!


Hi, Heidi Jo, thanks so much for participating in the challenge! Your room is so cozy. I'm really drawn to the turquoise - especially this time of year. Great room choice. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Family Of 5 said...

There is NOOOOO way I could find one picture with my style! I don't even know what my style is! AUGH!

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