sf renegade craft fair: MARYINK

Maryink has long been one of my favorite Etsy stores. I love their tees and am pretty sure I could live in them, and their silk-screened votive holders have the sweetest designs.... ferris wheels, cameos, quails, and more. A good evening would be: wearing one of their tees to relax on the couch with a book, a cup of tea, and some candles lit within their votive holders. I am definitely stopping by their booth at the San Francisco Renegade Fair. If you aren't able to visit them there, please stop by their Etsy shop to come up with a Maryink scenario of your own.

Organic T-Shirt- HillsWoodlands Votive Duo
Organic Tinytown Tee-PumpkinFerris Wheel and Russian Dolls Votive Duo
Flowerdot T-shirt in Asphalt

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blue moss said...

these are all so great...i want that orange t

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