sf renegade craft fair: MY LAST ATTEMPT

Surely I have given you a big enough taste of the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair in the last few days. I am confident that if you live in the Bay Area, I will see you there unless you have a good excuse. I don't have to start calling you out by name, do I? Kristen? Alison? Just kidding. I love you guys. Here is my very last attempt and then it is up to you what you will do this weekend...

chang(ed) - lovely vintage hair pin set, lll.
Danni sells adorable jewelry, hair pins, and lots of other sweet things. Her blog is absolute eye candy. The poor dear is sick with a sinus infection right now, so I hope she can still make it. Send her some love.

Like Lace Necklace, Maple
Gorgeous laser cut wood jewelry, adorable pillows and bags. There is something for everyone. Check them out.

Image of Love, 0301
I love a card that can make me laugh out loud. Tom Foolery is full of them. If you can't read it, the note on the bottom of the card above is "Which just means I'm standing up, if you really think about it." Yeah. I just laughed out loud.

Silver 50s Spinner Heart
I love the charm of Rag Trader's jewelry made with antique molds and vintage findings. I absolutely love this spinner necklace. I'd have no use for it though, because I know it's "yes". :)

Trio of Tiny Bottles
Her pottery is just gorgeous. I love the colors and simple, elegant shapes. These mini bottles are my favorite. I'll take 5, please.

the patriarch - altered portrait
Filled with art, notecards, banners, light boxes, and all sorts of little treats, Treat Zone is inspired by the every day overlooked things and uses vintage and repurposed materials to create their goodies.

Okay. PLEASE tell me you are convinced now. I know that did the trick. See you there! And don't forget to check the blog next week for a ("a" meaning "one") post on the actual San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair experience.

And now we will return to our regularly scheduled (entirely sporadic) programming.


Waxy said...

I wish I lived in the SF area...sniff sniff...

Alison said...

If you're going tomorrow, we will see you there! And if you are riding the ferry, we'll see you there too:) You had me with your first post.

Kristen said...

Now I'm super sad I can't go! There's work tomorrow and a bridal shower on Sunday. I'm planning on next year, though!!!

Emilia Jane said...

Hi there! You are the winner of the chickdowntown giveaway! Email so we can work out the details. auburnandivory (at) gmail (dot) com.

j.US.t chatter said...

i just saw you won something on 'oh, hello friend' also. you lucky girl, you! :D

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