smitten with SPIRO CREATIONS

If you are trying to keep your credit card out of the sun this summer, you are going to want to take those cards and hide them before I reveal this post to you. Go ahead. I'll give you a moment....

Okay. I present to you, Spiro Creations. The husband and wife team from Winnipeg craft gorgeous handmade shoes out of vibrant cow and deer leathers. Each pair is customized to your own feet after you send in a tracing and the measurements of your foot. Does that not sound amazing? I can't even begin to imagine how comfortable it must be having a shoe formed specifically for you. And these shoes aren't just comfortable, they are also ridiculously chic. I can turn down comfortable shoes that aren't cute and cute shoes that aren't comfortable, but shoes that are both? Uh-oh... Time to start my list for Santa.

Tinkerbell Ballet Flats
Scrunch BootsLace up Ballet Moccasins

Now aren't you glad I made you hide those cards first? To those of you whose credit cards are nice and healthy and allowed to come out and play: go ahead and visit Spiro Creations, you lucky dogs, you.


knack said...

oh my...the yellow ones are wondermous! xo

j.US.t chatter said...

ahhh... not good, i still SO obsessed with yellow this season! love!! the boots are adorable too!

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