Welcome to Moomah, a creative arts cafe in Manhattan...


Is it okay that I want to live in this cafe? Couch to sleep on- check! Amazing decor- check! Food to survive on- check! Now to find a corner I can hide in while they are closing up for the night. I can't have them finding out their beautiful cafe is my beautiful home...


sikegami said...

Wow, what an amazing creative space! Thanks for sharing...I drooled over the website and received a surge of energy just imagining being a part of a project such as MOOMAH. It's so nice to see your blog on our big computer screen and not my little phone...it's a feast for the eyes, so lovely! Happy Weekend!

knack said...

hmmmmm......I'm going to have to visit here when I go next.....looks so wonderful!

Love ya friend......xo

Linda Crispell said...

I was a little worried that my 11 and 15 year old kids would find this adorable spot way too young. My 15 year old daughter had a wonderful time making a fabric headband and my son made a little felt mouse. This is a truly wonderful place!!!!

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