CONFETTI for your neck

confetti necklace

I am adoring Blue Moss's Confetti Necklace. It's pretty much like a party around your neck. Throw in some Funfetti cake-- you know the kind, straight out of the box with polka dots-- and you have yourself a confetti party for one. 

...actually... I ate Funfetti cake (and frosting) for a month straight after my little sister's wedding last summer (her wedding cake of choice... of which there were 5 or so cakes left over), so I think I've probably eaten my own weight in Funfetti cake... I don't recommend it. But I do recommend this necklace.


Amy said...

That is gorgeous! Confetti for the neck is a perfect description!

blue moss said...

what a great surprise to find the confetti necklace on your blog :)
thanks so very much

j.US.t chatter said...

mmm confetti cake! i make it in cupcakes... i try to pretend i eat less of them that way (but we all know the truth. hehe)
my wedding 'cake' was Pillsbury strawberry cake... i had friends make them & bring them to the reception. :)

Shannon said...

the title of this post has just made my WEEK. i like you.

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