DEAR friends,

I am sure you have noticed that my posts have been less and less frequent in the last weeks. I don't like to use this blog to discuss my personal life much, so I have been refraining from talking about my health, but now that it is affecting my blogging, I want to share the reason. The weekend of Thanksgiving, I got sick with what seemed to be a bad virus. It kept me in bed for a month and sent me to the ER numerous times, including Christmas morning. During January, I felt as though I was getting well a few times, but as soon as I tried to expend any energy, my body would crash and put me back in bed or on the couch a week. This cycle has continued through the last months. I have been to numerous doctors and am still without a diagnosis. I am starting to see a holistic doctor who will be putting me on a detox diet and I will be focusing all of my energy on resting and taking care of my body. Although blogging has been a fun diversion during my time of being sick, in the last month it has been taking energy I don't have to give. Starting this week, I will be taking a break from blogging until I am well. I may still drop by your blogs to say hi, but I wanted to warn you before I drop off the face of the earth. Be sure that I will let the world know when I am back on my feet again. Thanks in advance for your prayers and well-wishes. I'll miss sharing with you all!

Heidi Jo


the BRIGHTSIDE project

Today I would like to introduce you to the smile-inducing, thought-provoking, goodie-giving Bright Side Project. The brain-child of Miss B., this project started as 28 days of art giveaways intended to brighten the day of anyone stopping by and as the end of the 28 days drew near, Miss B. realized she didn't want it to end. During The Bright Side Project II Miss B. has gathered some amazingly talented accessory designers to riddle us with their questions and delight us with their gifts. As Miss B. puts it,"The Bright Side Project is here to bring you a little metaphorical sunshine every day, to help you stop for a second and remember life is (still) beautiful and there is goodness in the world," and it does just that!

I have enjoyed answering the artist's and designer's questions so much that I actually stopped caring if I won anything. The most recent question is: What makes you laugh with pure and utter delight? What a fun question to sit and think about- Just thinking about the things that make me laugh, well, makes me laugh. 

But apparently that wasn't enough, because Miss B. put a smile on my face when I read that I had won this feathered beauty from Terri Jones of tenthings who has long been one of my Etsy faves. Yay!

If you stop by The Bright Side Project today, you can get in on some great giveaways and questions from Toy Watch, Morelle, Candace Ang Jewelry and more. 

Smiles... laughs... sunshine... a chance to win pretty things... what are you waiting for?


turn a new LEAF

I love Jenny Lee Fowler's new take on the silhouette. It makes me want to go outside right now and carve my own head-shaped leaf and enjoy it till... well... fall, of course.


Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear husband. Happy birthday to you. Thanks for always making me laugh and giving the best kisses. We will have fun today. Maybe not as much fun as the day you got to ride this pony, but fun none-the-less. XOXO


This is to remind myself... It's just been one of those weeks. Maybe you need reminding too. : )

-photo from English Muse-


you can find me in BABYCAKES

As you know, I'm hitting up all of my friends for recommendations of places to go in DC and New York this May. Well today, one of my friends completely made my day by recommending...

You mean I can get vegan cupcakes and macaroons, cookies sandwiches and cinnamon buns, brownies and apple pie? Sorry friends, I don't need any more recommendations. I know where I'll be spending my entire 4 days. 


I got my first toast mag in the mail yesterday. What a feast for my eyes! I can't even tell you how many things I adore in there. The article of clothing that caught my attention the most was the slouchy leggings, or churidar. They look so comfy and perfectly adorable with every outfit they are paired with. I am definitely smitten.



The internet is a wonderful place. I love how you can travel from... say... a favorite flickr group to a photo to profile to a blog and find something new and lovely. Last night I was looking through one of my groups, and found a home photo from pennyleavergreen that I was quite taken with. I then found her website and was pleased to see her whimsical sewn art. I tell you, some people got a generous helping of creativity when they were being pieced together in the womb. Penelope is one of those people. Her home is a beauty, her art is intriguing, and she also makes the sweetest toys and playmats upon request. It makes me wonder what the inside of her closet or car trunk look like. I have a hard time believing that there is anything within her reach that hasn't been turned into a poetic dream.

Um, hi, Penelope... can I borrow maybe a week's worth of your creative motivation to start some house projects I've been thinking of? Thank you. You won't be sorry.

the magic of ARIELLE DE PINTO

As I was going through my disgustingly thick collection of magazines dating back to 2004 a couple weeks ago, I was reminded of a jewelry designer that I adore. Arielle de Pinto creates these intricate, web-like necklaces out of precious metals. It's as though she is crocheting with golden thread- much like the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin. If her skill is some magical gift, I hope it never runs dry.

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