here we go AGAIN

Well friends, you may be thinking I have been abducted or that I have some bizarre form of amnesia where I forget I have a blog every once and a while. But no- I know my blog life is just sitting here untouched. It's just that.... I am pregnant! Again! I feel like I juuuuust did this. But this time I'm doing it with a crazy 15-month old running around taunting me. Okay- she's not taunting me, but some days she might as well be. So in my blog absence I have been resting, eating, being overly emotional and resting some more.

The lovely and funny Ashley over at The Domestic Wannabe invited me to do a Day In the Life post so if you're curious what a 1st trimester day with a toddler looks like, head on over! And if you're a mama, check out the rest of Ashley's blog too. Her little gal is adorable, her house is fabulous, and there's all sorts of mommy advice to read.

Here's to surviving life until this baby appears in February.... And to getting some pills to correct my blog amnesia! Cheers!

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