dreaming of an OFFICE

... so that I can fill it with all sorts of fun, quirky, and pretty deskthings. And so I have a creative space to write and craft... of course.


SimplyGrove said...

Lovely finds!!! xx

knack said...

I love all of your office picks!

I have an eraser that same shape, size and color....but there is an owl on a branch......love looking at it and using it! xo

blue moss said...

i love office-y, paper-y, desk-y things....i really want the stapler and the little lists...
p.s....loved your comment about the heels. i love the comfort of flats too...and i'm tall, almost 5'9"...but my son is almost taller than me, so i'm thinking about starting to wear them again...just to keep him my little boy a little longer :)

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