PALLETS of opportunity

My father has pallets galore just laying around work and his home shop. I am not nearly as creative with available materials as these two ladies, but I am definitely going to benefit from their repurposed projects. If you have pallets available, you can too!

I think my DIY To-Do List is a few miles long so far...

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Tanya T said...

Heidi! You are AMAZING! Soooo Mikey and I have this useless space behind our cramped outdoor patio, and we're planning on pushing the current fence out and almost doubling the size of the backyard. I thought it would be super fun to build a "day bed" sized bench along the entire edge of the fence for seating/lounging and this is a PERFECT cheap alternative to building one from scratch! Love it!

Thanks!! :)

p.s. - you'll have to be the first to preview when it's done ;)

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