how PINTERESTING!: an introduction

The other place I have been hiding in my blog absence is Pinterest. It is my favorite bookmarking tool ever. I know most of you have heard of it already but for those of you who have not, Pinterest is a social media site where you post, or rather, pin photos of inspiration from all around the internet. You follow other people's pins and can repin the things that are inspiring them. It is a wealth of inspiration. I pin fashion inspiration, things I want to buy for the crooked shmooked house, things for the babe, DIYs, recipes, you name it. My Internet Explorer favorites tab is pretty much empty now. Pinterest has taken over and fulfilled all of my bookmarking needs. Everything thing you need to know about starting up an account can be found right here.

And since I am constantly finding inspiration on Pinterest, I will be starting up a weekly post called how PINTERESTING! to share that inspiration with you.



Cake ball leftovers!

First time at the beach.

Love cloud from hubby.

One way to celebrate the royal wedding.

Snuggle buddy made out of hubby's old favorite shirt. Based on this DIY.

She loves him.

Nap break in between errands.

New pillow shams sewed by me. Attempting to finish up the bedroom.

A crafting attempt and fail. Has anyone succeeded at making this?

Early Mother's Day present!!!

My dad, a mechanic, made me an actual mechanic's lamp after I showed him this one.

A cloud pillow that will show up in Lil' A's nursery tour this week.

Picking out sham fabric.

My favorite cereal with goat milk. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Not one bit healthy. Oops.

While I don't always have time to get behind the computer to post, I do always have time to snap photos on my iPhone while on the run and post them to Instagram. My username is heidijo if you want to follow my crafting and child-rearing adventures. Leave your username after the beep if you're already hooked up with Instagram.



the NURSERY TOUR! and a giveaway!

Here it is, in all it's crafted and vintage glory. My goal was to have Adelaide's nursery "finished" (is decorating ever finished?) by Ohdeedoh's Smaller Cooler contest and I did. I still plan to either wallpaper a wall or do a wallpaper or fabric mural, but that just didn't come to fruition in time. I'm happy with it as is though. I have included all of the details- probably way too many- at the bottom of the post.

NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY- What you have to do is head over to Adelaide's Kooky Hideaway entry on Ohdeedoh and vote "Big thumbs up- proof that small is stylish!" by 8am PST on Saturday. When you've voted, come back here and leave a comment with your e-mail address and you will be entered to win an 8x10 Have a Nice Day print by Katie Daisy of The Wheatfield which is no longer for sale in her shop. It's a great big thank you for voting! I have the poster size (pictured) and love it! Thanks for your help!

Bought or Gifted:
name banner: gift from annalea hart - bird mobile: crafted as a gift by Kristen of Smith & Daphne based on Spool's Tutorial - quilt and bedskirt: Pottery Barn kids (gift from my parents) - bumper: Target - fitted sheet: Target - sheepskin rug: IKEA - horse hanger: gift from Monkey and Squirrel - porcelain boat: KG & AB - white cubby system: Target - silhouettes: Disneyland - bird softie in cubby: gift from kiddins - porcelain origami crane: thrifted - blocks: gift, vintage - dreidel: gift - monster puzzle: gift, Target

Crafted by me or Vintage:
embroidered pillow: sewn out of a large vintage hankie - clouds - house cubbies: found at a thrift store then painted and papered - shelves: I painted all of them white, they were mine as a teen - chair: vintage - Lord's Prayer and alphabet stitchings: vintage, thrifted - lampshade: crafted - pink bow: repurposed out of a dress shirt - crib: vintage, was hubby's as a baby - dresser: vintage, my mom's and then mine as a teen - books: mostly vintage, some thrifted and gifts - carousel horse window hanging: vintage, thrifted - sock monkey: sewn in high school - dresses: vintage, thrifted - toys in house cubbies: most of them are from the inside of Kinder Eggs brought to us by our German exchange student when I was in highschool, they are sadly now illegal - Avon perfume girl: vintage, thrifted - porcelain children: vintage

There are more details/toys in the room that I haven't linked to--- let me know if you have any questions about anything not mentioned. I ran out of linking/mentioning-everything-by-name steam. :)

UPDATE: The winner is Michelle! Congratulations! I'll send the print right your way!

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