BABY buys

Cate & Levi Bear

Purple Baby Mocs from KaBoogie

Oh dear.... I'm already struggling not to buy all the fabulous and funky baby goods out there and our little girl hasn't even made her debut yet. How much harder is it going to be when she is out in a few weeks and looking all cute? I think I'm doing a good job picking and choosing things to get for her though. These are just two purchases I have to share. Both are made from reclaimed materials, and don't worry- I got the bear on sale on Gilt and even had a credit to help out. And the mocs? They are seriously the cutest baby shoes I have ever seen. I can't wait to put them on a pair of little feet! Some things are just too adorable to pass up...


baby steps in DECORATING

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking! .... well, maybe not kicking... more like lounging in the amazingly comfortable rocker/recliner my husband bought me for Valentine's Day. The decorating is slow-moving. So slow that it's not happening. My due date is 4 weeks from tomorrow and my body is definitely letting me know that daily. We are working on getting the nursery ready and have been organizing the house as well. I hope to decorate before our little girls arrives, but we'll see! Three steps in the right direction are--- #1.) Finding our living room color palette inspiration in this vintage doily from my grandma. (Excuse the horrible photo quality.) #2.) Finding money that we didn't know existed while moving and purchasing the IKEA cabinet I was loving. #3.) My mom buying me this sweet Dottie Angel wall hanging.
It will all come together in time. Baby steps!


that's a DIAPER BAG?!

My first baby shower was on Saturday. It was very fun and my dear daughter was showered with the most adorable dresses, baby things, and such. I was showered with this amazing Timi and Leslie diaper bag! Everyone ooed and awed over it. I can't wait to fill it with bottles and diapers and toys and pacifiers.... And yes, I owe you photos of our house. The piles are getting smaller and it is almost clean. It will take a while to decorate... hopefully under 6 weeks as my attention will be off the house and on a teeny tiny person around then. Photos will be heading your way soon!

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