michael michaud's SILVER SEASONS

I love nature translated into art. One of my personal favorites is finding nature in jewelry. Two years ago I was walking around a local wine country town and found a lovely little jewelry shop housing work from what would then become a new favorite jewelry designer. Michael Michaud makes the most beautiful nature-inspired earrings, necklaces, and bracelets out of precious metals. His workmanship is flawless and his pieces almost look as if he took the actual plant or flower and bronzed it. The Christmas after I discovered his jewelry, my wonderful husband surprised me with a Wisteria necklace. I was playing with it today (do you ever just look through your jewelry box and play with jewelry like a little girl?) and decided to reacquaint myself with Michael's Silver Seasons jewelry. I am currently loving his peppermint, birch bark, and various leaf collections.

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Kristen said...

SOOO pretty - I love these!

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