I was planning on posting a tutorial for all 3 pairs of leggings I stamped, but then when I wrote out the bow leggings tutorial I realized it was pretty much exactly the same as a tutorial for these triangle leggings would be, so I decided to leave these out. And then today I decided to go ahead and share in case anyone wants to know what method I used and missed the bow leggings tutorial. Did I mention I'm indecisive?

-Solid colored leggings
-Fabric paint or acrylic paint plus textile medium
-1 medium-sized potatoe
-A sharp knife
-A small plate for your paint
-The 3rd installment of your favorite show

For these leggings I used a potato stamp to stamp the triangles and followed the same method as the bow leggings to a T.

The above photo shows an idea of what your potato stamp should look like. This is the only project I used actual fabric paint on rather than acrylic paints plus a textile medium. I used Lumiere fabric paint in Metallic Bronze and LOVED it. I highly recommend it and am definitely going to try other colors in the future. The color came out beautifully and it was more saturated upon first stamping than the other paint combinations I used. I didn't restamp at all because I liked the uneven look of the triangles with the black fabric showing through.

For those wondering why I'd go to the trouble of using acrylic paints plus a textile medium, it was mostly a cost issue for me. I already had a large collection of acrylic paints on hand and wanted to use what I had instead of buying 10 new fabric paint colors at $5 a pop. There is also more variety in acrylic paints colors than the fabric paint aisle at our local craft store. If you have the money to throw down on fabric paint and they carry the colors you like, I say go for it because the Lumiere fabric paint was lovely to work with. 

While I was at my stamping, I also used a 2 inch thick piece of thermal undershirt fabric I cut off of one of my shirts during my repurposing to make a little headband for the kook. It was already the perfect length to tie in a bow, so I just trimmed one of the hems off to tidy it up and used my pencil eraser and the bronze Lumiere fabric paint to stamp dots on the fabric. It was maybe a 5 minute project, if that, and I love the finished look of it. I will definitely be stamping more of my scrap fabric stash to make hair accessories for this gal. Apparently once you stamp, you just can't stop. 

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