Yesterday Adelaide and I took some time before naptime to paint some pinecones she gathered with hubby. I saw this tutorial from Rachel at Smile & Wave floating around Pinterest and repinned it then realized there was a bucket of tiny pinecones sitting outside my back door. Otto has been super inconsistent with his naps up to this point- not that I've tried to make them consistent with having to run errands and keep the gal on a consistent nap schedule so she doesn't become a kook monster- so when he went down for a nap around noon, I grabbed my snotty girl for some Vitamin D crafting time outside the back door. I filled a little tupperware with white acrylic paint, showed her how to dip them and let her go for it. Half-way through dipping, she got antsy and grabbed a paintbrush I had out and started painting the 2 big pinecones she'd collected, then her hand, then the ground. She's definitely a 2-year old. She loves pinecones, paint, and being outside so it was pretty much her favorite thing ever. Mama liked it too. A sleeping baby plus a happy, occupied toddler equals a happy mama. She actually calls me "mom" or "mommy" now. I guess it's time to stop referring to myself as mama. When we went inside later, the gal was still thinking about our time outside and told me "That was really shun! That was really shun painting pineapples!" Pinecones, pineapples.... tomato, tomotto...

Hubby said it looks like little there's little bird turds on the pinecones. Ha. Yeah, that's what happens when you let a 2-year old loose with paint and pinecones.

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Brig said...

she is painting them so delicately! i love it. J would be dunking the pinecones in paint and call it done.

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