Two things you need to know about me. #1- I am a perfectionist. #2- I am very indecisive. I count those both as faults as they tend to get me into a lot of trouble and wasted time. This is where they get me into trouble in the blogging world.

My favorite blogs are not only the ones that have fresh DIYs and down to earth bloggers behind them; they are also the ones that have amazing layouts. The photos are big and crisp, the background is cute, the fonts are handwritten or unique. I don't have any web design skills and also don't have Photoshop (maybe someday), so my blog has been pretty basic and DIY by trial and error up to this point. I look back at posts and think how I should have done the photos differently or not posted certain things. At this point the perfectionist in me says I should start over and leave my old blog with all its mistakes behind. Blogger has the capabilities to post bigger photos now and hubby recently gifted me with a DSLR, so I told myself I could start over and when people look at the archives of my new blog, it won't look so silly. Then I started looking at the archives of the "perfect" blogs I follow. None of them started out with the amazing photos or designs they have now. And then I realized that looking at their archives of silly, badly lit photos doesn't make me say "ewwww," but rather inspires me seeing how much they've learned.

Welcome to my inner monologue: "Maybe I should start a new blog. I could give it a cute name and start fresh and have nice photos. But I've been blogging on Crooked Shmooked for 3 years, do I really need to start a brand new blog and leave Crooked Shmooked behind? Would a new blog be better? Oh gosh. It's such a hard decision to leave Crooked Shmooked behind. Oh My Goose Nest would be a cute name! And it can be about the family and DIYs and thrifting... It would be so cute." Then I spent a few hours designing Oh My Goose Nest and said my goodbyes to Crooked Shmooked. Then next day my inner monologue and doubts came spilling out my mouth to hubby as I asked him if I should just stay on Crooked Shmooked. His reply, "I don't know, sugar pie honey bunch." Okay, he doesn't really call me that, but he should. Fast forward a couple weeks. I find out my favorite blogs didn't have it all together from the beginning. I start to feel like I let the perfectionist side of my personality take the driver's seat in my blogging decision and that rarely ends up being a good thing. New inner monologue begins: "I shouldn't have started a new blog. I can change up my blogging, start posting better quality photos and do a new blog design and still be on Crooked Shmooked. Can I seriously go back to Crooked Shmooked after already saying goodbye and starting a new blog? Gosh, I am so indecisive. Ugh. This is ridiculous. I am going to look so stupid. Oh well. This is who I am. I guess I'll just explain it all. It is one of my new desires to share my failures along with successes. Ha. How can I be okay blogging like that if I am leaving behind a blog that has some failures to try to present a perfect design on a new blog? Okay. I'm going to do it. Crooked Shmooked it is."

So here I am, returning to Crooked Shmooked. I will be deleting Oh My Goose Nest and moving its two blog posts over here. Feel free to laugh or roll your eyes at me. I am doing both of those too. Heidi, Heidi, Heidi...

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Taylor Berthiaume said...

Hi Heidi, so this makes so much sense. I started reading oh my goose nest a few weeks ago, then hadn't seen any new posts in quite awhile. Just checked in again and figured out the whole "I switched, then I switched back" thing. Hehe, it's okay, it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for fun words, ramblings and inner monologues :)

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