KCWC DAY 4 & 5: upcycled hand-printed leggings

The Kids Clothes Week Challenge is officially over, but I still have a few projects left to share with you, you lucky ducks.

A messy little toddler can never have too many leggings. When I was going through my closet to find clothes to upcycle for the kiddos, I found my collection of leggings from back when leggings were just coming in again. Three years ago I asked for 5 different colors of leggings for Christmas, and I got them all... and ended up wearing maybe 2 pairs. I was a little over-enthusiatic about the leggings trend. When I found them again, I immediately knew that #1- my leggings needed to go far away from my legs, and #2- where they needed to go was the kook's little legs. I used the same method as this tutorial to upcycle the leggings except I resized the legs to be thinner for little toddler legs by measuring against a pair of leggings that fit her well. Our legs aren't quite the same size. Oh, but I barely had to take the white pair of leggings in at all. And that was when I remembered I never wore them because they were so stinking tight. Toddler tight.

After I was done making the leggings, I decided they needed a little help and I got out the fabric paint and ended up with 3 funky hand-printed patterns on them that I love. I'll be sharing the tutorials with you this week.



Laura said...

They're all really cool. I've been gathering supplies lately to give fabric stamping a go, can't wait to try it.

Cirque Du Bebe said...

These are so cool. She looks like such a character too! Never a dull moment kind of kid?

Heidi Jo said...

Laura- Thanks! You will love fabric stamping! This was my first time doing it, but it's totally addicting being able to customize fabric however you want.

Sophie-Thanks! Um, yeah. Her nickname is The Kook. She is quite the quirky little entertainer.

Brigitte said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE them. Feel free to make Rose some for Christmas. =) With the left over material, of course.

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