KCWC DAY 6 & 7: upcycled thermal nightgown & thermal tee fail

For days 6 and 7 of KCWC, I got out my pile of old thermals. First I cut the sleeves off of my gray one and blue one to make pants for the little man (which I haven't gotten to yet). Then I was left with a sleeveless thermal. I looked at the length and thought it might be the perfect length for a nightgown for the kook. I tried it on her in it's huge state and after she took a nap in it and played for a while, I made her take it off so I could actually take it in to fit a toddler. The length ended up being so perfect that I didn't have to touch the original hem. All I did was trace a slightly loose tee she has to get an idea of where to sew the top, and then extended it to dress length. I left the sleeves raw and took in the neckline to fit her, and that was that. Very simple and practical nightgown. When I was done sewing, I pulled out my fabric paints and spent way too long painting a little kitty friend for the kook. We're both happy with how it turned out. Soon I get to repeat the process with the rest of the blue thermal I chopped the sleeves off of. If anyone is interested, I can attempt a tutorial for you.

My next thermal project was pretending that I know how to sew a long-sleeved tee and learning that I don't. Time to invest in the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern by Made by Rae. I'm going to keep this tee around for her to play in and it may make it out of the house under a sweatshirt, but I definitely didn't mean to do a boatneck and dropped sleeves and my waist hem and pocket are pretty sad. Oh well. That's what happens when an over-confident beginning seamstress tries to make something without a pattern at 1am.

All in all, I'm happy with the sewing I accomplished during KCWC. It was my first time sewing clothing since a couple times in elementary school and I was able to pull only from my stash of clothes to repurpose which meant that I only spent a little bit of money on fabric paint and elastic. My list of things to buy for the kids' fall/winter wardrobes got cut in half and spending a week sewing has convinced me that I can probably make most of the other items they need on the list. Thanks to Elsie for hosting KCWC. I can't wait for the Spring one!

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