KOOK STYLE: shopping with Nana

 This girl can whip out some cheesy smiles.
The best of the photos I took of them together... the little man was flopping all over the place. He's on the move these days. No time for mama to take photos of him.
On the little man: blue chinos [H&M] - striped onesie [American Apparel] - cardi [H&M] - beanie [77kids]
On the kook: sweater leggings [H&M] - floral shirt [H&M] - cardi [Anthropologie] - beanie [made by Auntie H]

Happy Halloween! Nothing spoooky to share here. We're a couple of fuddy-duddies. Yes, I'm aware just using that phrase proves the point.

It was cool socks and beanies weather in the house yesterday morning. I haven't broken out the heater yet, but those days aren't too far away... hopefully. We've had some days in the 80s in the last few weeks and it's totally throwing me off. I'll have a day in comfy fall clothes, burning my fall candles, and then the next day will be 80 and I'll be in shorts and wondering what fun summer holds... yeah, it's messing with my brain. I hope fall weather takes off before fall is over! My boots keep sending me longing stares as I pass them by to wear flats. Poor boots. I miss you too.

We went on a little shopping trip with Nana yesterday to get the kook a children's Bible because we are dedicating the kooks at church on Sunday. The gal was in awe of the Veggie Tales section at the store and all things Christmas related. She had to touch everything and shout "Look, guys! Look!" when she made a new discovery. It took 4 times as long to shop with a toddler leading the way, but it was worth it to hear how "beautiful" everything was and see her make a stack of Bibles up to her waist.

I'm thinking of and praying for all of you affected by Sandy! Stay safe and dry!

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Hubby said...

I think we need them to dress us. Or at least me.

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