Today I took a break from sewing and hubby took a break from work to head to a little pumpkin patch with Nana and Papa. There was lots of climbing on hay bales, sitting on pumpkins, tripping over irrigation hoses or whatever they might be called, riding in wagons, hay butts, and photo ops--- including one where hubby precariously stuck our 7 month old son on top of a pumpkin and I nearly had a heart attack.... but took a photo before collapsing out of fear, of course. They had a haunted house there so we sent Papa through to check it out. I got to the door and totally wimped out when I saw how dark it was. He came out with a bumped nose. Apparently it wasn't made for 6'2" big kids. It was a lovely afternoon and we came away with a few little pumpkins to decorate with. With my boots on, a scarf around my neck, and pumpkins in my house, I can officially declare it fall!


Laura said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun and you got some gorgeous pics. Your little boy on the pumpkin is adorable and that's a lovely shot of you and your daughter.

Heidi Jo said...

Laura- We had a very nice time and I was so happy we got so many nice shots. I'm not obsessive about taking photos at everything we do, so when I do bring the camera out and we actually end up with some cute frame-able photos, it's really exciting. Ha ha

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