KCWC DAY 2: upcycled blouse

On Tuesday I spent a million years sewing. Maybe not a million years, but it felt like it. I started with this Target blouse that I only wore a couple times because it just wasn't that flattering on me, and decided I'd try to upcycle it into a kook sized blouse. I spent the entire naptime measuring and tracing and cutting, and then noticed I cut it totally crooked. Not crooked shmooked crooked, but seriously crooked. So then I had to go back and cut the pieces straight, but that meant cutting a bunch off one side which meant that the blouse was now too narrow around the midsection. To remedy that I cut triangles along the side seams of the mama blouse to add extra material to the sides of the toddler blouse. I was totally flying by the seat of my pants there (I don't know where that expression comes from either). I pinned it all together and it worked to widen the midsection and it actually looked kind of cute- as cute as an inside out pinned together blouse can look. And then the kids woke up and I frantically picked up pins and scissors so I wouldn't have an Adelaide scissor/pin-hands walking around.

After the kook went to bed I started my sewing and was pretty crazy happy when it all came together to make a cute little blouse. A fly by the seat of my pants upcycled sewing success!

Don't you love her poof of hair? Her hair is growing SO SLOW and it's growing up or out. I wonder how big her fro will be before it's finally heavy enough to fall down to her shoulders. As you can see, she was totally giddy to go outside and take these photos. But giddy or peeved to be stuck standing in one spot, she's still a cutie in her new blouse!

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Hubby said...

I love this one.

I also like "Adelaide pin/scissor-hands"... ha!

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