I hope your weekends are going famously! The kook had a temperature a few nights ago and I was worried our weekend plans were going to turn into staying home and watching Curious George 24 hours a day, but her temperature magically disappeared and we were able to go to her little friend's 2nd birthday party this morning and a nice little fall get together with hubby's family this evening.

Here are some things that have been whirling around my mind lately...

I totally get a bad mom award for not noticing the kook had a temperature the whole time we were running errands on Wednesday. It was in the high 80s and every time I took her out of the car she seemed super hot but I thought it was just because it was warm in the car. It wasn't until I dragged her to 4 different places within 4 hours and we got home and she was still hot that I took her temperature and found out she was 102 degrees. I felt terrible. Poor girl. :(

I really need to invest in a big bag of rice and/or beans for the kiddos to play with in the kitchen. I'm reminded every time I see tutorials like these ones: DIY Rice Play Table - Playing with beans and rainbow rice - Bean Box

Now that KCWC is over, I'm back to hand-stitching some hanky/doily curtains for the kitchen. I'm hoping I can crank them out because I'm itching to start this cat quilt from mer mag for the kook's bed. I've never quilted before, but if anything is going to inspire me to, it's a cat quilt!

I have a friend that decorates for Christmas the first day of November and I'm such a Christmas lover that I decided I will do the same this year. That means I start my decorating in 2 weeks... and it's in the 80's this week. I don't know if I can decorate for Christmas before we've even had real fall weather!

Trying to decide what to do with my grown out asymmetrical pixie. I'm thinking I will start with this Katie Holmes cut, then maybe grow it into something like Rose Byrne's cut. I guess it's time to get my bangs back!

My mom just became a Stella & Dot rep. I'm pretty excited about any Christmas or 'just because' Stella & Dot presents to come. (Wink wink, mom!) I am in love with this fox ring.

Someday when life calms down I'd love to start Project Life. Elise's posts are so crazy inspiring. What a great way to keep memories.

I am doing potty-training with the kook next week. Any potty-training advice from veteran moms?

And I leave you with a laugh from SNL. I am loving The Californians skits. Anything that makes fun of Californians makes me laugh. Because I'm a Californian. If we sound anything like this skit, we deserve to be made fun of.


Ashley said...

Just wanted to say that I love Project life, Elise, and the Californians...so this post made me happy :)

Heidi Jo said...

Ashley- Do you do Project Life? I can't wait to start! And Elise is one of the most inspiring bloggers ever. Always doing something super creative!

Ashley said...

I just started Project Life this year and I only do one spread a month. I have NO idea how people do one a week! I love it so far!

Taylor Berthiaume said...

Hi Heidi, we started starting potty training this week too. I heard its good to start them on a schedule to "practice". When they wake up, right before naptime, bedtime. Have them try, then put on a fresh diaper. So far, absolutely no success for us, but we are reading the potty books too, and he's sitting on his potty and practicing. I'll tell you later how it's going!

Heidi Jo said...

Taylor- That sounds like a good idea! We actually started my daughter on a nighttime routine a few months ago and she's good with that. Today is going okay... a lot of messes, a few successes. I hope it doesn't take too long for either of us! :)

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