KOOK STYLE: headed to a birthday party

I saw the cat wander into the shot and thought "Oh cute!," then it took a few shots for me to see what he was doing. Ummm... yeah. Excuse him. I need glasses.... on top of my glasses.
On the little man: suspender jeans [H&M] - circus onesie [H&M] - beanie [H&M]
On the kook: flats [GAP] - leggings [Old Navy] - poplin blouse [H&M] - hair bow [Forever 21]

Welcome to kook style. One of the perks of being a mom (besides having a hilarious little mini-me and mini-hubby running around) is dressing the kiddos. It's like Barbies but way cuter with a million more options. I rarely actually played Barbies. I styled Barbies. I don't have all the mountains of dollars to drop on crazy expensive outfits, so it's a fun challenge to find things on clearance or find the best deals. I mainly shop for the kids at GAP (as in the 40% off clearance sales), GAP Outlet (sales and clearance), and H&M (a bit of a splurge sometimes), but also get things on sale at Old Navy, Target, 77 Kids, and thrift stores, and am just starting to sew things myself. These kids are such kooks that it's fun to put them in kooky little outfits that fit their personalities. When I found out I was having a boy I thought it would be so boring getting him clothes, but it has proved just as fun dressing him as the gal. Since I have so much fun with their wardrobes, I'd love to share their pint-sized outfits with you from time to time. And if you blog about your kiddo's clothes- handmade or store bought- please let me know! I just love little fashion (and big fashion- who am I kidding).

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Hubby said...

Oh mah gaw Aw luuurv deez leetle kiddies.

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