smitten with MIRRORS

... and it's not because I am so vain that I want to see myself wherever I go.

Collette Side Chest
found on bliss

Weathered Oval Wooden Framed Mirror

Miroir Noir by amalia chimera.
Miroir Noir via Amalia Chimera's flickr


Large Antique Mirrored Scalloped Photo Frame

Mirrored Hurricane Lantern, Small

white waltz by amalia chimera.
white waltz via Amalia Chimera's flickr

Elise Floor Mirror


Anonymous said...

Love them all! I have a mirror project that I've been meaning to tackle for MONTHS and you may have just given me the push I've needed. Aren't mirrors so magical? Especially when they're all old and splotchy...

dwellings and decor said...

What a fabulous roundup! I like the more vintagey ones.

Mrs.French said...

I love them all...oh yes I do...but the photos, the frame and the pb floor mirror are my favorites! great post! xo t

knackstudio said...

Recycled pine one is my favorite!! Love

Heidi Jo said...

Mine too. : )

Viv said...

Beautiful collection. I especially love the first.

What a great blog you have here!

Viv xx


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