Have I ever introduced you to my dear little kitties? I don't think I have! Shame on me! Hubby and I don't have children, but we do have cats. Here they are in all their stretched out glory. Yogurt (Yogi for short) is our white furball and BooBoo is the tabby (yes, Yogi and BooBoo). They are brothers and we adopted them a year and a half ago from a local animal shelter. We went to the shelter to adopt one kitten and came out with two. How could we separate siblings? I'm glad we brought them both home because they adore each other and I can't imagine how sad they would have been in separate homes. They are two of the sweetest, funniest and most loving cats you'll ever meet. 

Oh, and Yogurt is terribly photogenic, and I think he knows it, while BooBoo is not, but BooBoo is perfectly fine staying out of the limelight. That's all. I just thought you should meet them. They make me smile and I like to share the things that make me smile. : )

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