smitten with PEONIES

I desperately wanted peonies in my August wedding two years ago, but they weren't in season. It was when I was flipping through wedding mags that I first found out peonies existed. (Forgive me if you are a plant person... I know very little about types of flowers and plants). Ever since the summer of 2006 they have been one of my favorite flowers- one of my favorites because I don't have a single favorite of anything... there are too many beautiful things to pick
 just one favorite. Be that as it may, here are some favorites of one of my favorite flowers. <3

16 x 20 Peony No. 3324


Peony.  A photograph pendant,  set in sterling silver.

Valentine's Collection- Sweet and Sassy White Toddler Beanie Adorned With A Beautiful Hot Pink Peony Flower Clip (HBTM)

Peonies by Ecritures.

pearl peony .

Chloe Headband

PEONY-Layered Fabric-Earrings

Peony.  A set of red and pink.  Little-blocks and photographs.

Hoosier State 3

Flower Fairy tutu dress with pink or white peony. FREE shipping to US

Peony 2- Signed Fine Art Photograph

Small peonies Flower Decal

Peony Blossoms 8x10 Fine Art Photograph

peonies by tomilym.


Erin said...

The pennant necklace is suuuuper pretty. You should get it :)

Anonymous said...

oooh. peonies are my all time fave too. i love them not only because they are so gorgeous to look at, but because the smell is simply divine! they are always in bloom when my husband has his birthday in june, and i make a point to have a big bouquet on the table when i serve his birthday breakfast. so their smell has the added bonus of reminding me of my sweetie!

have a great weekend heidi jo!

Heidi Jo said...

Awww, Anne- that's so sweet!

knackstudio said...

Totally in agreement with you!! Whenever they are in bloom I have them in vases at home and in the studio!!

Tara said...

I love love love peonies! Barefoot Contessa always has peonies for table decoration on her show and it's just one other thing to be jealous of. Must get peonies sometime this spring!

j.US.t chatter said...

oooh... this is a lovely post!

Emilia Jane said...

That first photo is GORGEOUS!

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