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How cute is this girl? If only I was as creative with my clothing as this darling... and if only I owned so many pairs of boots. I love to spy into her daily wardrobe. You can too.


Mr. Shmooked said...

If only she was as cute as you are, then her clothes would be worth spying on.

Anonymous said...

she is DEFINITELY the cutest. i've never seen anyone pull off pleated pants quite so well. I'm jealous for sure!

knackstudio said...

I love how cute you and your husband are!!:) So totally awesome!

This girls outfits are right up my alley.... I'll be checking her out! Thanks for the link!!:)

Heidi Jo said...

Ha ha- thanks, Barb!

KARA said...

wow she really does have alot of clothes and boots, great site to look at though

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