remembering MAUI

This photo of my hubby reading at dusk is my favorite photo from 2008. My family (myself, hubby, parents, sister, sister's then-fiance', uncle and aunt, cousins and family, and grandma) started 2008 out with an amazing weeklong trip to Maui. Looking at this photo reminds me of the warm, relaxing evenings, the beautiful natural colors of the ocean and sky, and the carefree feeling of being able to read all day without a care in the world. It was the perfect way to start 2008, and although 2009 has started in a much different way (you can't beat a trip to Maui), I know that this year will be equally blessed and memorable. I wish you all a joyous new year filled with new experiences and adventures, and lots of love and laughter.


David Ower said...

It reminds me of being sick... and loving you, duh.

Maggie May said...

i found you through Cup of Jo and love your profile picture and description! you have the best haircut. :) and this picture is gorgeous. sigh. makes me want to go on vacation.

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