nice to meet you, BRENDAN CASS

I am loving the works of Brendan Cass (found on Katy Elliott's blog). For quite some time now hubby and I have been looking for art that resonates with both of us- something we both love. As soon as we saw Brendan Cass' paintings, we were in agreement that if we had thousands to spend on a painting, it would be Brendan Cass' Ultrecht. His translations of nature and the world around us are beautiful with a colorful, dreamlike quality. I appreciate that the tone of his paintings is not too serious and that there is no rigid perfectionism in his style. He presents a rose-colored view of his travels that makes you want to visit each location and enjoy the simplicity of its beauty.



Lake Guarda


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Next Pillow Over said...

I check this one on Friday nights and I like them on Friday nights, and other nights too. But tonight, I am especially liking this Cass fellow and his mushroom-trip paintings. I probably shouldn't call them that, but I can't think of a more colorful compliment for his complimentary colors. Mushrooms bad. Brendan Cass good. Love!

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