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In the midst of our remodel, I have been collecting inspiration for each room and planning what I want to do (and what hubby wants to do- he's a great help in pointing out what is silly and what actually reflects our combined style). Since this blog was started to share the remodel, I am going to do a post on the inspiration for each room. We haven't gotten to the point of moving back in our house, much less decorating it, but here is a peek inside my head to see what is inspiring the coming redecorating.

This is our bedroom as is. I love the color of the duvet, but feel that I need another color besides the assortment of white, champagne, and ivory. (The antique frame on our chest of drawers was given to me by my grandma- I am HORRIBLE about putting photos in frames. This is one of many photoless frames in my house. Admitting this to you, I have just decided that one of my resolutions this year will be to fill all my frames with photos.)

Although I like more of an eclectic vibe for the rest of my house, I want to keep the bedroom a romantic and relaxing place.

(This photo and the one below aren't cited as I clipped them from mags back in the day. If you recognize where they are from, let me know!)
This is the color scheme I am going for. I am going to keep our duvet and add several green accents around the room in the way of pillows, antique books, and whatever else fits in. We are also going to paint either one wall or all of them a very pale green. I want to add more unique, vintage pieces so that the room has more personality and reflects hubby and I as a couple.

I love the smaller cabinet on top of the bedside stand, with the beautiful display of frames and photographs on top. It maximizes storage space by providing a cute place for books and still gives room to display pretty little things.

I have long loved the idea of having a romantic sentiment above my bed. This one would be perfect.

This is the perfect size for the bedside stand, and I would paint it a distressed white or ivory and fill it with pretty green objects.
Some green pillow shams would be nice.

This swan would be cute with a little green plant in it (if I don't kill it).
I could replace our champagne lampshades to add some more color. I love the origami-like details on this shade.

Something pretty to sit on the dresser.

The antique chair in the corner of our bedroom is moving to the living room. I would love to replace it with this pouf. Let's be realistic, I need someplace to throw things when in a hurry. : )

I want to add just a bit of dark green, and these floral curtains are the perfect solution. I like that they incorporate the lighter green shade, and they also add a cute pattern to the patternless room.

I don't know if I would want this on the bed or not, but I love this pillow! Maybe it could sit on the pouf.

Now the interesting part will be to see how my inspiration is translated when put on a budget...


Anonymous said...

I can't WAIT to see how this comes together! The color palette you've chosen is so soothing with a touch of romance, without being at all girly. That little hand mirror is such a hoot!

j.US.t chatter said...

hi heidi!
i just checked my email (slightly delayed) & received your sweet note. thx so much! i am curious about this bedroom remodel already... i love eclectic, but kept our room simple,elegant,romantic as well. great idea... hehe. i'll be checking back!
happy 2009!

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