smitten with TRYST

I love jewelry. I love unique, vintage, feminine jewelry. I love earrings and necklaces and the occasional bracelet or ring. I am often guilty of buying a piece of jewelry that I have nothing to wear with, and I have to find an outfit to work around my new earrings. But I don't mind. Fabulous earrings can make the outfit. Since etsy showed up on my radar, I have found too many beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry to count. It's impossible to keep track... well, except by my overflowing favorites. One of my new favorites is tryst out of Toronto, Canada. Each piece is so sweet and eye-catching and will add instant charm to any outfit.

sprite .
forest keeper .
lola .
sienna . ring .
english tea roses .
in love .
sakura branch .
sepia locket . blue jay .
mint julep .


Linda said...

Hi...thanks for visiting me and thanks for this great link; gorgeous jewellery!
Linda :-)

Erin said...

Check out this one: BellezzaJewelry.etsy.com
I think you'll love it. I just filled up my favorites to show Tim for Valentines ideas :)

Michelle McGee said...

You make these? I LOVE them!!!

Heidi Jo said...

No- I wish I made them. They are made by tryst found on etsy.com.

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