sometimes I miss you... SOMETIMES

I was laying in bed trying to take a nap an hour ago and I couldn't fall asleep. Sometimes my mind is just moving too fast to fall asleep. I ended up thinking about the remodel- in with some new ideas and out with some old, and then I started to think about the last house hubby and I rented. We lived in it for a short 8 months and I won't glamorize those months- it was in a loud location (think semis driving by in the wee hours of the morning and a bar two blocks away), the layout was not very livable (the only shower was in the very back of the house while our room was in the front), and the house made so many noises that I was often sure we were living with vermin or ghosts... but... that house had a LOT of potential. It was a 1908 craftsman home and had much of the original hardware, wood, window seats, molding, and innumerable beautiful details. Sometimes I wish that we could swap houses and have the craftsman home in our country location I love. Then other times I realize that is impossible.

Isn't is pretty? Yellow with white trim: one of my favorites.

The view from the front porch when the rose garden is in bloom. Don't ask about the bus.

The living room.

The window seat in the living room is to the left. One of my favorite features.

Another sitting room to the side of the living room.

The itty bitty kitchen.

What I am sure was supposed to be the dining room. Original fireplace and china hutch.

You poor wasted house. I hope someday someone will adopt you and love you back to beauty. (I am sure this is still for rent or sale if anyone is looking to live in Sonoma County.)


Laura B said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
I stopped y your other blog first and am sorry to hear you have been unwell. I hope that you get to have your Christmas celebrations soon :)

Mayberry Magpie said...

Oh my gosh! That house is adorable. I can't believe it's a rental. In my little town, all the rentals are owned by a slum lord and are a disgrace.

Despite its imperfections, no wonder you have so many lovely memories.

I have an imperfect house that seems just perfect for me. Stop by if you're interested in reading more:


I'm so glad I found you through OWOH.

Laina said...

Too bad it wasn't so great inside because it's adorable from the outside! and I love craftsman style houses with all the built-ins and the big windows.

blue moss said...

i feel the same way about out first house...only 2 bedrooms amd 1 bath....and no way the 5 of us would live comfortably there....but i have wonderful memories of that house
(and there was so much less to clean!)

Michelle McGee said...

That is an quaintly ADORABLE house!!!

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