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I LOVE to make lists. I make lists when I'm bored, I make lists of what I want to accomplish, I make lists of ideas, I make shopping lists of every kind. I just love to make lists- even if nothing ever gets marked off of them- like "just for fun" extravagant shopping lists. As I was catching up on my daily blog reading, I came across the most wonderful book at decor8. And when taking a look at it on Amazon, I learned there is more than one. It's part of a whole series! I am sure you can guess where I am going with this. 


Amanda said...

Oh, they are very swish. I'm a list maker too, I even bought some of these pretty list papers to make it that little bit more fun.


Have a lovely weekend. xx

Heidi Jo said...

Oh, what fun paper! How perfect!

blue moss said...

these are so great....i am all about lists too.
i've made lists after i've already done some of the things just so that i can mark some things off as done.... :)

knack said...

hey miss heidi,

I just wrote a list on my hand today ...... figured I'd remember better than trying to find the piece of paper I had written it on! Hee Hee ......

Lists do give a huge sense of accomplishment though.... love making those checks!

KARA said...

Thanks for entering my OWOH giveaway, I have just also added these books to my wishlist very cool, thanks for sharing

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