introducing IGOR & ANDRE'

I found Igor & Andre' through a friend (lorem & ipsum- also worth checking out) and have been fascinated by Danny Roberts' art. You know when you find a blog that you enjoy enough to go back into the archive to find out more? Igor & Andre' has been one of those blogs for me. I found myself sucked in and unable to look away. Danny Roberts is a 20-something who defines himself as an artist/thinker, and artist/thinker he is. He does fashion design that has been featured in international magazines and is also collaborating on a number of other things including a children's book that he is illustrating, which I know will be gorgeous. You need to check out his work and keep your eyes peeled for his art in fashion mags in the future. Once you take a look, I'm sure you will agree that he is an up-and-comer.

and some of my favorites... 

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